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  1. gfiero

    Go to go, Leer 1800 shell off 2017 Colorado Longbed

    Leer 1800 shell purchased for an extended cab 2017 Colorado. Side opening windows provide excellent access, Thule rack provides roof top storage and will support a RTT, Leer installed LED lighting . paid $2600.00 in January 2018, selling for $1800.00, purchased a GFC. Send a PM if interested...
  2. gfiero

    Set up 2007 DoubleCab Shortbed for Sale

    ATTACH=CONFIG]407227[/ATTACH]Time to move on, getting older and need to make some changes, so parting with my Adventure Vehicle: FOR SALE 2007 DOUBLE CAB SHORT BED TOYOTA TACOMA – $20,000.00 172,XXX MILES This is the TRD Off Road with the E-Locker OME Lift with 881 springs in front and Deaver...
  3. gfiero

    2016 Swift for sale

    Selling my 4WC Swift, purchased August of 2016 Delivered Oct 2016. Circumstances have changed so it goes. Asking $22,000.00, includes all that is on the build sheet and I will deliver it within 200 miles of Long Beach California for free. Attached is the Build sheet with the original price...
  4. gfiero

    To Keep or Not to Keep

    I purchased a new Swift in October for my 2007 Tacoma Double Cab Shortbed. I love the camper itself, I also have my truck set up the way I want it for where I want to go. Problem 1) The turnbuckles suck they loosen and the camper bounces off road, Problem 2) brakes are inadequate, Problem 3)...
  5. gfiero

    FS: Flip Pac 5'6"

    For Sale my 7 yr old FlipPac. I have upgraded to a 4WD popup, so I am selling my FlipPac which has served me well on many adventures. Included are two old style camper jacks, a rain cover that works. I will forward pictures to interested parties. I am not negotiating price, it is $3,000.00...
  6. gfiero

    Jeep Africa, Will it Come to be?

    I am thinking I will be replacing my Tacoma in the next couple of years, it will reach 250,000 miles about then the way I am using it. I saw the Africa in the magazine's and on U tube and this vehicle really calls to me. I had searched for a 60 or 80 series with low mileage or fantasied about...
  7. gfiero

    Tacoma Trans & Driveline Problems

    Anyone out there had issues with driveline vibrations and Transmission failures in a 2nd gen Tacoma? I have had 3 u-joint failures and they claim an unbalanced driveshaft which they imply is my fault but can't explain how I did it when only "certified Toyota Mechanics" have touched it. Now at...
  8. gfiero

    Rear Suspension Question?

    I would like to life the rear of my 07 Tacoma Shortbed Dble Cab, I saw this Shackle sometime ago but lost all the information when I switched computers. Here is a picture: [ATTACH=CONFIG]139808[/ATTACH Any info is appreciated, thanks
  9. gfiero

    OME Nitro Shock

    Any one had issues with the Nitro Charger Shock? I just replaced my front OME shocks with the Nitro Charger It is a 07 Taco Dble Cab Shtbed with a flippac. The Oringinal shocks lasted 75,000 miles, I have the Hvy Duty springs on the front. Now the shock seems unable to handle the springs...
  10. gfiero

    Shell for Sale w/Rack

    For Sale Vision Shell, Biege, off of a 07 Dble Cab Shrtbd Toyota Tacoma with custom Rack Listed Shell $700.00, Rack $100, for Expo Shell $650.00 Rack $75.00 You Pickup only
  11. gfiero

    Need a shop

    Any one recommend a non dealer Toyota Shop in the Long Beach Calif., area? Thanks
  12. gfiero

    07 Tacoma 4WD Engagement Problem

    I have an 07 Dble Cap Sht Bed TRD 4x4 with 89000 (approx.) miles on it. Monday I had 2 new BFG T/A's mounted. I no longer can engage the 4WD. I have a rumble when accelerating and a whistle form under the truck when appling gas. The dealer has already had it for a day. Any thoughts? The...
  13. gfiero

    New offering

    All you readers of OJ might me interested in this I have nothing to do with it other than I thought it was interesting.
  14. gfiero

    FS: RTT and Shell

    I have decided to upgrade to a AT Flippac so I need to sell a couple of things to make my better half happy. 1 ea: Camping Labs Reg RTT used 7 times with extra room - $600.00 It is clean and almost as new condition, crease on flooring from slipping on install once. I will add the dolly...
  15. gfiero

    Fd this

    No Affliation etc, etc, etc,..... 300 GD Diesel Manual Transmission 4 Wheel Drive call (559)855-2346 or (559)299-1357 •Location: clovis/fresno •it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests At:
  16. gfiero

    Temp/Compass 510 Resistor

    My overhead Temp Compass Console died a couple of days ago, for about an hour I heard a tiny rattle. This afternoon when I pulled it out to resolder the 510 resistor (The historical culprit) I found one missing. That was the tiny rattle.... so to make th repair I need a new one. Toyota is of...
  17. gfiero

    07 Taco Dble Cab

    For Sale 2007 Toyota Tacoma Double Cab Short Bed 77,XXX miles Purchased May of 2007 TRD Off Road 4x4 Package with E-Locker Added: OME Suspension Dakar Rear Springs Heavy Front Springs Vision Shell with Rack, shovel holder and HiJack Mount. AFE Cold Air Intake Custom Rear Bumper (See...
  18. gfiero

    Monty for LOW $$'s

    Found this while cruizing the web, no affliation but could not believe the price.
  19. gfiero

    1964 Datsun Patrol

    Found this on Craig's List, just thought it was fun, no affiliation.
  20. gfiero

    HJ 79 for Sale

    You need to take a deep breath to view this one....I was looking for a 70 series (I do that a lot!) and found this, no connection other than I am impressed by the nerve needed to set this price. Love the picture though.