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  1. Fergie

    SOLD - Priority Start Pro Max HD Battery Saver

    I had this on my old Mistu, and then my 4Runner, and it has now sat in the garage for over a year, so it needs to move on to a new home. Works fine, and saved my butt once or twice on extended camping trips when I forgot to run the vehicle. $85 and shipping
  2. Fergie

    Big Booty Judy - 2014 DC Tundra Build w OVRLND Camper

    You can see why the moniker is apropos...and the kids think its funny as hell, so why not. After far too many years of SUVs, one divorce later and I have a truck that've been wanting for some time. No frills 2014 Tundra Double Cab, originally purchased w a camper shell, but now has a slightly...
  3. Fergie

    SOLD - Pelfreybilt Hidden Winch Mount for 5th Gen T4R

    5th generation Toyota 4Runner Pelfreybilt Hidden Winch Mount for 2014 and up. This will fit 2010-2013, but you have to trim the valance differently, and it looks like crap when you do, so keep that in mind. Comes w hardware and my wonderful rattle can pain job. $275 + shipping Located in...
  4. Fergie

    SOLD - sPOD Touchscreen w mounting bracket

    This came w my Habitat, and being the luddite that I am, I won't be using this. Looks like they retail for $350 or so...$200 + shipping for this one. I visually saw that this worked just fine when removed.
  5. Fergie

    3rd Gen Mitsubishi Montero Cargo Barrier, Fridge Cage, Driveshafts, MAF & much more!!!

    Prices are OBO. I want this stuff out of the garage, so shoot me a PM if you're interested in something, please. Stock front DS from an 02 LTD - $200 Stock rear driveshaft from an 02 LTD - $200 HBB assembly - $200 Stock MAF from same - $100 2 Control units.... search the PN to see what it...
  6. Fergie

    Pyromid Portable Stainless Steel BBQ - SOLD

    I've had this sitting in the garage for a long time, and haven't used it once in the last 10 years or more. It is well used, but still in great shape, and is a cool little system that folds down flat and is very efficient. This version only uses 9 pieces of charcoal; you can grill, or through...
  7. Fergie

    Dometic Fridge Slide - SOLD

    Bought this locally and was told it was new/never used a the time, and I have not installed or used it either; won't fit the application I was looking to use it for. Measurements are 3" high, 24" wide, 38" deep when closed, and 70.5" when extended. Pickup in Flagstaff, AZ; I'll be at OvEx too...
  8. Fergie

    SOLD - Adventure Tool Company Messenger Bag from Overland Exposition West - 2014

    Cleaning out various items after a recent move, and this is one of them. I've had it tucked away in a coffee table drawer, holding some old maps, and thats about it. You can read about it here: Like new condition. $30 shipped. Please message me...
  9. Fergie

    Adventure Driven Design Gen 3 Montero Skid Plate

    I was doing a routine oil change today, and figured that while I had the Monty up on the lift, I'd go ahead and snap some pics of my new Adventure Driven Design Gen 3 Montero Skid Plate. Since this was test fit, I've not yet painted it, and the bare steel helps it stand out a bit more in the...
  10. Fergie

    SKB Mil-standard, waterproof, TSA Approved laptop case

    Selling a somewhat dusty, but overall good condition laptop case by SKB. Latches are still nice and smooth, and the locks function just fine. $140 + shipping from 86001. Not interested in trade for anything, but if you'd like to make an offer or discuss price, please feel free to send me PM...
  11. Fergie

    Brake rotor options for 3rd Generation; brake pad selection too?

    I'm not sure if I'm looking for something that doesn't exist, but figured I'd check in here to see what other folks have had success with. I'm aware of the Powerstop Z23 kit for the 3rd Generations, but I'm not a fan of cross-drilled rotors, so I won't be spending money on them. I do, however...
  12. Fergie

    What else to replace while doing lift on 3rd Gen?

    I'll be ordering an OME kit for my 3rd Gen this week, and being afflicted with Shipfitters, I like to take care of other stuff "while I'm in there." Aside from the parts being supplied with the kit, what all else should be replaced at this time as far as wear items are concerned? I'm thinking...
  13. Fergie

    Has anyone upgraded the valve body on their transmission? TC lock-up?

    I was poking around on the Victoria Pajero site and found this thread: Is there a similar option stateside? I also like the idea of the lock-up kit as well. This is the company that makes them in Australia...
  14. Fergie

    Gauge and HVAC Control Lights are dead

    I've got an odd issue with my 2001 LTD that I hope you all can help with. The gauge and HVAC control lights are dead and the dimmer is not working either. I have checked all the fuses and such and found nothing wrong. All of the start-up diagnostic lights work fine, so does the door open...
  15. Fergie

    3rd Gen Rear Door Fold Down Table

    After seeing this type of table on many different rigs, I wanted my own version, and decided to take a crack at it on our 2001 3rd Gen LTD. After pulling the panel off the door, and seeing how everything is attached, I removed the stock net, and measured up the space. I was able to fit a 24"...
  16. Fergie

    Homemade 3rd Generation Cargo Barrier

    This project is finally out of the fabrication phase, so I thought I'd post some pics for people to gander at. I started the project with a hoop that I had made for an old FJ80 TLC. It was a bit too wide, so I cut it down and welded it back together with some angle iron splices. Instead of a...
  17. Fergie

    The Golden Gato - A 2001 LTD NM

    With these vehicles being somewhat uncommon in the States, compared to TLCs and other SUVs of that ilk, I figure that as much info on them should be posted as possible, so here I go with a build thread on my 2001 LTD Montero. We bought this about a year ago with 100k miles, and from the...