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    GregB_00XJ M101 CDN2 "Way too Red" Build Thread (finally)

    The rtt set up fits the XJ nicely. Congrats on the camo score. You may already know this,the expanded metal is a great tie down platform. Depending on the size of the metal you went with you might be able to slip ratchet strap hooks at any point on the deck. It has come in handy on numerous...
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    GregB_00XJ M101 CDN2 "Way too Red" Build Thread (finally)

    Well great! I live vicariously through your page,so what does that speak about me?? The only reason my trailer ever moves is because I never unhook it from the jeep. It does see the trips to the feed store and here lately it's hauled supplies for a new fence in the lower pasture. No excuses...
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    Childhood Camper conversion to Expo trailer

    We tore down a old pop up a few years ago just like yours. It was in about the same shape. The frame and all of the electrical components went into the new build. The best part was when we took all of the old skin to the recycling center. It brought over 200.00 bucks. Good luck with the build.
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    GregB_00XJ M101 CDN2 "Way too Red" Build Thread (finally)

    Has your elbow pain med's effected your judgment? :)
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    GregB_00XJ M101 CDN2 "Way too Red" Build Thread (finally)

    Just be sure to post up some pics of the trip. Some of us get to use our toys even less this year then you. :p
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    GregB_00XJ M101 CDN2 "Way too Red" Build Thread (finally)

    Like the awning setup. Please post up a pic of it in use when you can.
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    Round 3 - Trasharoo Group Buy with ExPo Logo - July 4th Sale!

    Got both of mine today. One is headed to Colorado on a muzzleloader bear hunt on the back of my Jeep. The other will be headed to Alaska as a gift. Thank you for the opportunity to pick these up at a great price. It certainly did come in handy!!
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    ultra lightweight TT for off road use

    Or if you want to make it your own then you can build it yourself. A site that might be of some use for you.
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    GregB_00XJ M101 CDN2 "Way too Red" Build Thread (finally)

    ....or are you gonna bite the bullet and throw OBA on the Jeep?? Then you can just hit it with a impact. ;)
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    Noob starting a Bantam build.... need tire help

    I was worried also when it was time to first pull it home on those original tires with cracks in them. Now,a couple years and thousands of miles later,I have given into the idea that these tires were made to last forever. Got any close ups of the tires?
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    Round 3 - Trasharoo Group Buy with ExPo Logo - July 4th Sale!

    Thanks for putting this together again! Sent PayPal for (2) tan w/black logo.
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    scratch build Trailer for my diesel Jeep Cj5

    Very nice setup! I spent the morning following along on your jeep build. You have a talent for making things come together seamlessly. The diesel looks like it came that way from the factory. Now I found your trailer build. It already looks at home behind the jeep. Congrats.
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    GregB_00XJ M101 CDN2 "Way too Red" Build Thread (finally)

    Happy birthday Sir! (Mark,my wife's birthday is January 16. Could you remember that one too?)thanks buddy!
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    Round 2 - Trasharoo Group Buy with ExPo Logo!

    Hope another one comes around before Christmas. I need to get a few of these to give out. Thank y'all for putting together these deals.
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    My Offroad Tear Drop Plan/Build.

    Very nice job. I'm liking those fenders a lot. I was wondering about the seal around the hatch. Could you give a little detal about it when you get to that part?
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    Bantam T3C

    Yep on the monster liner. I rolled on 2 coats over two years ago onto the bed and fenders of my M416 trailer. It went on smoothly. Just be sure and pay close attention to the prep. The directions about getting it clean of grease,oil,grime is extremely important. We had to redo a spot...
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    M416 trailer build my brother and I

    How have you decided to keep the spout protected from the elements? Some kind of door on hinge?
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    Introduction and initial build concept

    I really like the design of your build. A few years ago I decided to take on a simular project (just without the boats inside). With my limited knowledge of a first build,we chose to start with a used WW brand enclosed trailer. One was found local at a cheaper price then the cost of all the new...
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    Covered trailer build? Probably been asked before but need advice

    The mfg I used is called "ww". My brother and I converted a 16' tandem axle into a camper both of our family's can comfortably sleep in at the deer lease,ball games,etc. It has held up well after multiple trips on long back roads or no roads. They are all steel (read heavy) We managed to make...
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    Red top as aux batter

    I have ran this setup for the last 4 years so far with no concerns. Both red tops came from a 6.4 diesel (looked brand new). The new owner did not want them so I settled up with the parts man over the $3.00 core charge. Just treat them easy.