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  1. Barrows

    Fat bikes

    Nice Beargrease frame, you will love the change. What year is your Mukluk? The 2017 Beargrease and Mukluks have different spacing on the hubs.
  2. Barrows

    Going domestic, project vanilla aka the family tankster, 2004 Suburban 2500

    Here are his photo's
  3. Barrows

    New 2014 Xterra Owner- Icedragonmx's trip reports

    Have you seen Maxterra's rear bumper? It is a great design. Your build is looking great and I have similar plans for my x.
  4. Barrows

    DRAM 2, Dirt Roads Across Maine.

    ^My wife might not agree, but i like the way you think. But enough of highjacking Spencer's thread, let's heard more about the trip. ^
  5. Barrows

    DRAM 2, Dirt Roads Across Maine.

    Ok, I call shotgun! I would love to build my tj into a brute but I need to buy a house first......
  6. Barrows

    DRAM 2, Dirt Roads Across Maine.

    Ben you can come join us, you just need to bring one of your brutes....:elkgrin:
  7. Barrows

    I've come full circle...

    Nice looking X, and it looks like you are having fun.
  8. Barrows

    New project 720

    Did you really buy that for $200? Want to make a road trip........:coffee drink:......I will give you 3x that....
  9. Barrows

    The SOS Report. The Full Story

    Thanks for sharing this amazing trip, it was a great read.
  10. Barrows

    Texas to California and back in a formerly derelict 1966 VW Beetle

    Thanks for posting the trip report, it looks like a blast. This is such a nice change from the roof top tent, engel fridge, carry the whole house with me trip reports. What was your camping setup like?
  11. Barrows

    Trans-New Hampshire Expedition 2014, October 16-19

    Great photos, it looks like a good time! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  12. Barrows

    Project Long Range LJ

    The rough country shocks are very unforgiving, I swapped for them to 5100's and loved the change. I would suggest 2.5 lift ome springs, and 33x10.5 tires. I currently have this setup and it is great.
  13. Barrows

    Brodozr: '90 4runner

    The grey raptor liner looks great. I have that in my jeep and it has held up really well. You have gone through quite the lifestyle change.....lowered to lifted.
  14. Barrows

    Financially Irresponsible 3rd Gen 4Runner

    Looking forward to more build up info. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Barrows

    2005 118" Sprinter Conversion for Alexander

    I just read this whole thread, amazing work by the op and a lot of really crafty ideas. I worked in marine carpentry for a few years and I really enjoy seeing those ideas used in a van build.
  16. Barrows

    Droverrover buys an fj80???!!!

    Congrats! I love the fj80's.
  17. Barrows

    Fall adventures in Maine

    Thanks for sharing, I am very glad you are helping to pass the torch to the younger generation. Way to go for taking them exploring and camping.
  18. Barrows

    Series 109 Birthday present now Autumnal Equinox present

    I just stopped in to throw this here for ideas.....
  19. Barrows

    Series 109 Birthday present now Autumnal Equinox present

    I will stop highjacking this thread, I was in the shop a few times while your RRC was being built, it when through a lot of work. I am glad you are enjoying it.