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  1. dakdoc

    Evacuation Insurance/International Medical Insurance

    I'm interested in personal experience (either good or bad) with evacuation insurance/international medical insurance, specifically: 1) What company have you used? 2) Did you have to actually use it? 3) How much did you pay for it? 4) What did you use it for? 5) What is your understanding of...
  2. dakdoc

    will a family fit?

    Does anyone with kids have experience in an EarthRoamer or Tiger or Turtle? All the pictures I see are of older couples. Any reports from anyone who's actually sleeping 2 adults plus kids in one of these things would be greatly appreciated. Jon
  3. dakdoc

    HELP! 05 Rubicon e-lockers wont' disengage

    Help! I just had my 05 Rubicon's rear end apart to replace the inner and outer axle seals. Now the rear electric locker won't disengage. The front is still working fine. The rear, however, will not disengage no matter what I do. I've tried cycling the rear lockers while in 4L. I've tried...
  4. dakdoc

    Trailer lid lifting struts

    I just put a roof top tent on my trailer's lid and now it's so blasted heavy I can't life it. It's got gas charged struts, but I think the angle is wrong. Any detailed pictures of gas charged strut placement would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Jon
  5. dakdoc

    Wilderness Upgrade for Medical Professionals

    Three cheers for NOLS! My wife and I just finished a 5 day Wilderness Upgrade for Medical Professionals in Salt Lake City and it was awesome. The paramedics and firemen who attended added great real-world experience. The lectures were well planned, the handouts and literature were well...
  6. dakdoc

    2,500 mile report (Sierra 4x4 Trailers)

    Following are a few pics and a 2,500 mile report on my Sierra 4x4 Trailer, made in Gardnerville, NV. The first week in November I'll be in Southwestern Texas on a 6 day overland trip and will have more report to follow.