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  1. SFP

    Port Renfrew Winter 2022 Camping Trip

    Part 1 - The Idea Way back in late 2019 I had the idea of spending New Years Eve Camping in Port Renfrew at Pacheedaht Campground. If I go by number of times I have camped there over the last thirty years, it is by far my favourite campground on Vancouver Island. I first discovered this gem of...
  2. SFP

    The Sporano's Ad (Chev/GMC) Superbowl Ad

    For those who haven't seen it.. No, I am not an NFL/Superbowl guy, but I did once upon a time work as a Creative Director and spent 20 years in the marketing/ad sector so ya I appreciate a good ad. Plus being an east coast boy (once a time) I gotta love the Soprano's reference.
  3. SFP

    Aftermarket/Third Party tarp/tent/awning poles

    I am getting ready for my first back country trip of the year, hoping to head out on February 17 and back mid afternoon on Monday the 21. heading up Port Renfrew way on Vancouver Island. While going through my gear I notice that the trusty Coleman adjustable poles I have been using for over...
  4. SFP

    "Blue" The 2002 GMC Jimmy SLS 4 Door Build Thread

    Let me start by stating this thread may take years to complete. So will the build. Backstory. I got started in back-country driving as a kid. I helped build a van at age 7 (interior and such) for Alberta fall/winter camping. After that there was a '77 Dodge Power Wagon my uncles taught to...
  5. SFP

    1991 Range Rover Classic - Country Edition - a.k.a. Jackie

    Once upon a time there was a girl who grew up hearing stories about Rovers. At the same time there was a photographer who had grown up watching Rovers in documentaries about Nature and Wildlife. Along came a '91 Range Rover Classic - Country Roman Bronze in colour, she had seen better days and...
  6. SFP

    1991 Isuzu Trooper LS - 2.8L Auto - It begins....

    Long time lurker.... And can finally say we have a project to start. The build platform is a 1991 Isuzu Trooper LS a.k.a. Gordon The Intrepid Trooper. It has the 2.8L with an automatic transmission. Mileage is at 253301 km. He's rough, but he has been taken care of. He's an estate sale. The...