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  1. Arlo

    Second temperature gauge in a TD5 cooling flange

    A friend asked me several years ago to fit another point to the waterflange outcomming off the cylinder head to get a real signal. After a while others asked about it too. They are all running Td5 engines! :wings: So I manufactured 16 items all in the same shape. Original...
  2. Arlo

    Transmission Gearbox Adapter

    Hi, I'm not likely to use it on my way round the world, but it seames to me light (less than 4 pounds) and usefull. adopted to a small jack the gearbox can be moved to the right position and lifted up little helper What do you think about it? Kurt
  3. Arlo

    130 pic up truck

    Here's the problem: The Nato hook doesn't open to the full 90°, so the only way to hook the draught eye in is from underneath and twist the hook 180°. This is not a comfortable job. The tub has to be shortened to the rear cross member! That was the plan. Only some hours to get it from this...
  4. Arlo

    Sankey Tent Trailer

    This is what you get: a little bit corrosion here ... ... and there. It'll take some hours to get it shiny! :wavey: But let's have a look step by step. When the bed is off the frame you'll first have a chance to calculate what you get. The bed is something for the yard junky...