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  1. Paddy

    Sprinter coach built RV in 4wd?

    Does anyone make a factory RV like the winnebagos and Thor etc, with 4wd?
  2. Paddy

    Forward Van bed ideas, sprinter,

    So I’ve been doing adventures with an old friend in his sprinter van. It’s a sports mobile and it only has a single berth aft. So I’ve been pitching a tent every night for my accommodations. I’ve gotten real lucky not getting rained on or eaten by any bears so far, but I’d like to add a bed...
  3. Paddy

    Dang Walmart! Tires crazy price on Patagonia’s

    Apparently these are nice tires, but I don’t have any first hand, but wow 38’s for 192$!
  4. Paddy

    Thinking about replacing the plywood floor in sprinter with rubber stall mat.

    My wood floor is ugly and beat up, so I thought about removing it, but then I’d have the ribbed metal, noisy and cold, and bumpy. What about stall mat instead? Might quiet the ride a little too? I had a pickup with a rubber bed mat and I remember it being nice for holding cargo still during...
  5. Paddy

    Fantastic max fans, why are they loved so much?

    We have a fantastic fan on one van and I tore it apart to make a timer switch on it as my client requested. I was surprised to find that it’s lower settings were accomplished by burning volts off in a big ass resistor. So much heat is WASTED that they even put in a screened heat vent for the...
  6. Paddy

    Fridge score! Wow it’s big.

    SO for my next build I decided to try a propane fridge for the first time. I’d resisted doing propane systems in the past to limit complexity and with the brilliant diesel furnaces it didn’t seem necessary. However, this was flawed thinking for several reasons. One, you always need propane to...
  7. Paddy

    Side ladders are stupid: CHANGE MY MIND

    When I had a ladder on the back of my van I thought, well that makes sense. But side ladders seem popular. But why? They seem like they would block vision and get caught on branches. What’s the reasoning there?
  8. Paddy

    T1n final edition build camper 5.0

    Well I decided to abort camper 4.0 and proceed to 5.0 instead. 4.0 was going to be an earth cruiser type build on a f350 chassis, but the lure of the sprinter won out again. This was mainly because the most fun we’ve had so far in a camper has been the 144” low top I had. Here in western USA...
  9. Paddy

    I have Mercedes chassis motor homes questions

    Hi, sold my sprinter a while back, foolishly. But, I’m looking into buying a modern sprinter RV, like a real coach built one and use it for me and my friend so we can go on adventures. So, ideally the floor plans that we’d be able to find would maximize space based on the parameters that two...
  10. Paddy

    Hello from Europe! And why is USA so (UNINFORMED/UNDER-EQUIPPED)

    So, I’m from USA. Born and lived in Oregon my whole life. And here I am again in the Swiss alps in a rented fiat globebus. Last week we had a ford transit chassis motorhome in Iceland and we got that thing into some compromising positions! Well, okay, they aren’t “overland” vehicles by any...
  11. Paddy

    Ha, I did it. Hood solar

    Always wanted to mount a panel on hood, but until these semi rigid models came out I couldn’t do it. They are a thin skin of aluminum so they don’t suffer issues with wind and dirt like the plastic flexible ones. Anyway this is the first step toward my camper conversion so I’m stoked about that.
  12. Paddy

    Cab bonding to bed pontificating please

    I've been thinking about my camper project again lately and I'm at the stage where I need to have some idea how I'll bond the cab to the box. I'm planning on building a welded aluminum cap for the utility bed and cut the back wall of the cab out for a pass through. Possibly cab roof too. So...
  13. Paddy

    Build tread bread thread? 2003 Chevy tracker

    Well the onslaught of clean cheap susukis for sale finally got the best of me. I saw this tracker in the local ads and had to take a look. Lady bought it new and ran it 15 years without a single problem, until recently. It was bucking and missing and had codes for misfire and emissions...
  14. Paddy

    Crazy idea involving some big cab mods

    So we went from a sprinter to a f350 as our adventure rig. It was a combination of trade offs obviously. The sprinter was fantastic in every way except for 1: lack of 4x4 and 2: lack of articulation. It was terrible off road. So, we are building the f350 which solves those problems, however...
  15. Paddy

    Installing roof AC and have a few questions

    So we need AC and we don't have room or desire for a gen set. So, is it practical to use the sprinter 2.1L engine as a gen set if equipped with an oversized or secondary alternator? The sprinter has a very complex electrical system so I hesitate to dive into possible mods on that, however if...
  16. Paddy

    Automated van slider kits?

    We have a 2015 sportsmobile sprinter and we feel like a 800lb door on a Mercedes should be motorized. I've seen some kits but i thought it would be best to ask here if anyone has any experience or input on that. We'd like it to be able to stop at any point along its travel and also be...
  17. Paddy

    Solar panel hood mount

    Gotta pair of 50w semi flex panels that I'm hood mounting. These new breed of panel makes it very easy to mount of curves and they are strong and very thin. Tested today and they produced 2.75a ea in the sun.
  18. Paddy

    Need electrical help, trying to fit a sliding roof to my camper but so many wires!

    I've had this sliding roof in for a few years. It came out of a minivan. It has a lot of wires going to it and I have no idea how to make it work! I just want it to slide simply but I'm afraid that I may damage it if I start poking volts around and also have concerns that I would over run its...
  19. Paddy

    Dodge mega cab interior length

    Hi, I'm wondering if a dodge mega cab has enough cab length that with modifications to the seats to make them lay down, that I could sleep my 6'5" *** inside comfortably. Sure would make the build easy by keeping the clean side clean and dust free in cab, and back can be for dusty dirty smelly...
  20. Paddy

    Battery chargers. Opinions

    So, Like many of you I'm sure, I have a pile of battery chargers. I'm just talking about the automotive types with clips that you put on cars when they dead. Well, I kinda got pissed at several of them and tossed them in the trash. It's time for a new charger. I know good names that I've...