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    What Company Offers Car Insurance for International Rallies?

    Hey Guys ... quick question. When vehicles are doing international rallies, how do they get car insurance. Im not talking about the rally itself. But when you are going to the starting point, how do you get coverage for normal road driving? Is there a company that offers car insurance for...
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    The most exciting adventure you've exprienced

    WOW!! That's a tough question. I've don a LOT of STUFF!!! PLACES that I wish I could GO BACK and SEE AGAIN ... 1. Western USA/ Canada. Oregon to British Columbia. Stick to the coast mostly, but veer inwards to catch the Cascades and north to the great mountains in BC. See Squamish and...
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    First Long Trip, Baja Adventure

    SKATES04 - GREAT REPORT - Thank You! Good luck out there!!!
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    Gone Safari - Africa E7 Trip Report

    Just swung by the forum! WHAT AN AWESOME trip - you folks had a fantastic trip!' That is something that you will remember for a lifetime!!! I loved the pix of "the vehicle on Mars", the sable antelope, and the journey through the dunes on the Skeleton Coast. Just fantastic - thanks!!! K-Y
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    Stuck in Kathmandu

    WHY exactly do you want to leave? Does the rest of the world seem more sane, or more attractive? K-Y
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    Warmest Fabric/Insulator?

    there are obviously different opinions on this. having spent many years as a mountain climber - in other words freezing my *ss off on far too many peaks. and then subsequently wandering around various continents .... I will go with good quality fleece. None of these fabric should get wet...
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    Attempt on El Capitan, Yosemite

    Davenay ... Previous comment is right. The team retrieves their gear ... It is way too expensive to leave behind. The only time gear is left is if there is a real emergency and lives are at stake ... Ie an emergency retreat before a storm. Pitons are retrieved if possible. They are rarely used...
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    Attempt on El Capitan, Yosemite

    Scott .. Well done. Go back and finish the job this year. :-) K-Y
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    Do you feel the need to have a weapon when camping

    I sure hope nobody is planning on shooting a stranger just because they walked thru yourcampsite. I agree its bizarre behavior, but have had it happen to my own family. Some people who camp have no social skills, or just are not firing on all cylinders. That doesnt make them dangerous...
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    Showers and Hygiene- How often? With what water?

    ALWAYS if possible I clean up at the end of a day. Try to get a shower or wash before you go to bed. You will feel fresher and sleep much better. In addition, "good hygiene" is a discipline that you should really try to make an important goal. It can save you from possible health problems...
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    First-Aid situations you've encountered in the backcountry

    forgot these incidents ... skull penetration by hard object during vehicle rollover (fatal), bicycle rider hit by high speed car (fatal), broken toes, cracked bones in feet, snakebite (non-fatal), jellyfish stings, stingray attack (painful), carbon monoxide poisoning. i'm sure there's more...
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    Emergency fire starting

    last reply was good. i do the same. get some lint from the dryer -you can compact it into a small ball. weighs almost nothing. use Jungle Juice (100% DEET) insect repellant - a few drops are flammable. the combo of the two is great for fire starting - you only need a small spark - like a...
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    First-Aid situations you've encountered in the backcountry

    stuff happens. i have seen a lot of things go wrong. hyporthermia, diabetic shock, heat stroke, dislocated shoulders and legs, scalp lacerations, hand sliced by machete, fractured ribs from motorcycle accident, rib and back injuries from horse riding accident, drowning and parrtial drowning...
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    Do you feel the need to have a weapon when camping

    i camped for over 20 years with no firearm. never had a problem. that included campsites in Africa with large dangerous animals. no problems. i've got nothing against guns, and no problem if people want them around. but by no means are they a necessary item. your brain is always your best...
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    Knife thread

    peter - beautiful work mate :-) K-Y
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    Navigation Training

    otherwise - not so hard. find a large stretch of primitive land. relatively flat. lay out a triangle on a sketch map .... with bearings for each leg. go hike the triangle, and see how close you get to your starting point when you get back. this is a great little exercise, and not nearly as easy...
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    Recommendations - books, getting into shape hikes, etc.

    yeah - Above advice is good. throw on a pack and walk the dog. it works quite well :-) K-Y
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    Attempt on El Capitan, Yosemite

    nice job. been there, done that. I hard to bail just like you guys did - big storm came in. don't be frustrated ... every experience is its own gem. K-Y
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    Namibia and Botswana 2013 vacation

    some really awesome pix of the animals there. i don't know if you realize it - but you are very lucky to have those leopard sightings. perhaps they are easier in Namibia ... but they are very hard to obtain in a lot of other places in Africa. anyway ... great vacation & thanks for sharing. K-Y
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    Government Shut Down and a Trip through Utah's Canyon Country

    i guess your youngest one must not roll over very much while sleeping. interesting way to test the hypothesis. Hahahahha!!! K-Y