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    Garmin Tread Overland Edition - any users yet?

    The Tread routing ability far outclasses Gaia and most other apps. The vehicle profiles clarifying what MVUM road you can travel and being able to navigate around on those roads. It presents so much more information beyond map layers. It’s totally worth it.
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    Aftermarket GPS Head unit - Insane Audio TJ1002

    It runs iGo navigation. It can be updated with current maps regularly. The app is actually pretty good. The focus is keeping maps offline so you don’t have to have a constant data connection. With that said, I’d just put in one of the newer floating screen systems that are very affordable and...
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    Ford Super Duty Bed Drawers

    I'm in the same boat as you. You have Leitner Rack, AMP steps, Bushwacker flares, on and on with my Ecodiesel. But with current administration, I'd be surprised if anything happens on this front at all.
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    Goal Zero Yeti 400 Experiences?

    The 12v port on the front on the unit supports a max current of 10 amps. So you would want to make sure the fridge is less than that and stick with 12v. Though, it seems that most people have fridges hardwired to batteries. The 12v on the Yeti isn't a true hardwire straight to the batteries...
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    Goal Zero Yeti 400 Experiences?

    Picked up a Blue Sea 6 circuit fuse block from Amazon. I also got the 12v to ring terminal harness from Goal Zero. It is a very nice piece and it will be hardwired to the truck for the Yeti to provide power too. Mine is a secondary lighting system only that I don't want to set up and take down...
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    Goal Zero Yeti 400 Experiences?

    I'm working on finding the right fuseblock. I'm thinking of going with a small electrics box and a couple of toggle switches. Mounting that in the bed of the truck.
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    2018 F150

    I'd like to see a light 3/4 solid axle 4.0L inline 4 cylinder diesel truck. That would be the perfect in-between imo. A heavy-half if you will. I want the cab size of the fullsize truck. I want the 5.5foot bed. Keeps wheel base to a minimum and 1000 miles of range is not far with a few extra...
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    2018 F150

    With an above-cab roof top tent, level kit, and 10ply 33"s, I regularly get 25 on the highway in my Ecodiesel CCSB. But, alas, these small displacement half-ton diesels are not meant to be work horses. They are roomy people haulers that can also do some yard work. They tow way more than the...
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    Dodge Ram with 8 speed

    New trucks are more powerful and cleaner than ever though. They can do more work with less stress then your 10 year old truck easily even with CAFE regulation. Def and SCR don't affect the actual performance of the truck.
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    Dodge Ram with 8 speed

    So it looks like best practice moving forward on these trucks is to just set the parking brake like you would on a manual truck.
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    Dodge Ram with 8 speed

    So I actually own the vehicle in question. I have a Ram 1500 Ecodiesel 4x4 Outdoorsman. I've put over 55k in the last year on the truck. Highway during the week and I play on the weekends. I'm not afraid to drive that truck anywhere it can fit. The truck has a working curb weight around...
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    2018 F150 with Diesel engine spotted testing

    I might have Hellwig coil spring replacement air bag setup on the way for my Ecodiesel. It starts to squat a bit at just 400lbs. I have a constant load of around 300# in there now and do almost all highway. I did 52k last year in my Ecodiesel. Even with a Rooftop Tent, I can hit 25MPG around...
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    Leitner ACS, or custom rack (for a RAM 1500)

    After seeing the rack at the Northwest Overland Rally last year, I knew I had to have one. I've ran with it for some time now. The great thing about the rack is how sturdy, yet light the system is. Its nearly transparent physics-wise to the truck. You can't say that for steel designs with this...
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    Show me your DITCH LIGHTS or ROCK CLEARANCE lights

    I have a handful of Cyclones that I'm going to hand off the Leitner rack facing downward. Should create a good space a night for working around the truck in camp.