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  1. sackettmw

    37's vs 40's for Fuso FG Build

    I think that's not a bad idea. 18s or 20s are really the right wheel size for heavier rigs anymore. I have considered recentering military surplus HEMTT 20" wheels
  2. sackettmw

    37's vs 40's for Fuso FG Build

    I think you are looking at the MTs. Gladiator also has an AT in 37". Probably the least aggressive tread available in a 37
  3. sackettmw

    In the process of picking this up. 1990 fuso fg

    I also have a 1990 FG box truck for a shop truck. Its pretty basic to work on especially since you have the service manuals. I'll second what Benttofly said about parts being mostly dealer only and expensive but so far all available. I have found things like wheel bearings by crossing part #s...
  4. sackettmw

    Chevrolet Express / GMC Savana RWD Van Info thread (All years / 1500, 2500, 3500)

    The KYBs might be a step up from the Monroes but really none of the parts store shocks have enough rebound control to stop the bounce on the highway especially with an unloaded van. I think its worth going with a lift from Weldtec, Boulder offroad or similer to get some room for a longer shock...
  5. sackettmw

    SOLD -- 1989 Mitsubishi Fuso Canter 4wd FOR SALE $25,000 OBO

    Thanks for posting those pictures. I really like that rear door setup. My FG box truck has a roll up rear door and I have been thinking about building something like what you have.
  6. sackettmw

    Tallest tires for OE rims

    5 lug bolt circle is 208mm I believe (pretty sure. I drew it yesterday) The wheels are lugcentric with tapered nuts but also a pretty close fit on the hub. Spacer is just some 1/4 plate I cut on plasma table. 1/4 is the thickest I could go and still have full thread engagement on outer nuts...
  7. sackettmw

    Winch for off road recovery

    Maybe look at the Sherpa 17000 lb winch. Australian company. I have no personal experience yet but the price and warranty looks good. As others have said I'd be looking for at least a 15000 for self recovery. And as others have said, using a snatch block is a good idea so make sure to...
  8. sackettmw

    Tallest tires for OE rims

    Added 1/4" spacer between wheels. Still a little close but more comfortable with this.
  9. sackettmw

    Tallest tires for OE rims

    255/85r16 mounted. Not quite touching but too close. At 70PSI
  10. sackettmw

    Tallest tires for OE rims

    I have a 1990 FG and have test mounted 255/85r16 ******** Cepek Extreme Country. They were pretty close in the rear but not touching. Definitely less than and inch. Probably had less than 50 lbs of air in them but my truck is a box truck and it was empty at the time. I am going to remount within...
  11. sackettmw

    Vanspace3D design software?

    I tried it because I liked that it had dimensions for some different vans I may be working on. I was frustrated with it. All the little drag and drop furnishings are Amazon links. Wish I had my $20 back. I prefer printing out the blank "van grid plans" from Sportsmobile for quick layouts...
  12. sackettmw

    Working out the kinks in solar system.

    You need to remove all connections from the negative terminals of the house batteries except for the battery side of the shunt and the wire connecting the two batteries together. Everything else can go to the chassis or the chassis side connection on the shunt. It doesn't really matter where.
  13. sackettmw

    Working out the kinks in solar system.

    The shunt should be the only thing connected to the ground post of the house battery. All other connection go on the other side of the shunt. Otherwise your meter is not reading everything.
  14. sackettmw

    Chevrolet Express / GMC Savana RWD Van Info thread (All years / 1500, 2500, 3500)

    Pretty much any junk yard
  15. sackettmw

    Leaking air bag valves.

    You can get a push to connect splice. Air line is cheap though so maybe try to get it loose at the other end of the hose and just replace a section.
  16. sackettmw

    Leaking air bag valves.

    That is a push to connect fitting. Push the collar on the back in towards the fitting and pull the hose out. Search for push to connect schrader valve. You can get new ones and trim the air line right behind the old fitting to get a clean cut. The new ones just push on.
  17. sackettmw

    GM fullsize AWD Van Info thread

    It is most likely fluid coming out of the vent tube. This could be caused by several things. Most likely things are overfilled fluid or clogged cooler. Fluid probably got a little hot on the climb and vented out. It doesn't take much hitting the exhaust to make a lot of smoke. Also, check...
  18. sackettmw

    Tow Bar vehicle recovery is dangerous!

    That's a seriously flawed and misleading test. More credible discussion: Skip to about 7 min here:
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    Seeking Advice, Powertrax No-Slip in an Econoline Bus.

    A lunchbox locker in a long, heavy rig is barely noticeable. That being said I wouldn't spend extra for the Powertrax over the other auto lockers. I have one in my Astro and while it is the quietest auto locker I've had, it is also the least predictable. I also currently have vehicles with...