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  1. Butch1979

    2017 Ford Transit Pop Top Diesel Lifted FOR SALE

    Awesome We noticed this rig on CL and really dig it! Good luck with the sale, we do understand how the costs add up on a build like this. The layout is perfect for a family. Butch
  2. Butch1979

    Adventures of "Sally Ross" Fuso Camper by Phoenix Pop Up Campers PHXFG

    Thanks! We are trying to make the price appealing so we can start moving forward on our new life abroad. SO tough to let it go, but I don't want it to sit. This camper enjoys exploring. Butch
  3. Butch1979

    Adventures of "Sally Ross" Fuso Camper by Phoenix Pop Up Campers PHXFG Looking for a new home for this awesome rig.
  4. Butch1979

    FGs for sale We are going to sell Sally Ross.... Not excited about it, as we have only owned her 1 year, but we have recently been afforded the opportunity to live abroad and we can't pass it up. So the Fuso...
  5. Butch1979

    Fat bikes

    We are hoping to spend a few nights up in Leadville CO this holiday season and ride some of the groomed trails up there on our fat bikes. I will post up some pics if we get anything good. I still really enjoy riding my Mukluk, however I do have other bikes when I am ready to pick up the pace...
  6. Butch1979

    Pictures of Expedition Motorcycles

    2016 GSA I'm in the game now! I've ridden Harleys for decades and finally made the switch to a 2016 GSA. Bike is insanely cool, now I just need to learn to ride on dirt.
  7. Butch1979

    New GXV Expedition Vehicle.

    More pics! This truck is amazing.
  8. Butch1979

    Yep, sucker for punishment, that's me. 2012 Duonic Steinbauer module...

    Alright, I'll subscribe to see how this goes ;) So this gadget is about increased performance and power I take it? I like those things. Butch
  9. Butch1979

    Adventures of "Sally Ross" Fuso Camper by Phoenix Pop Up Campers PHXFG

    I'm kind of leaning towards just leaving well enough alone.... We've put 10K miles on this rig in six months and have camped in some really cool places. I'm not sure that I need it to be much more capable. I do worry about the difficulty of currently changing a flat with duals vs singles. I'm...
  10. Butch1979

    Adventures of "Sally Ross" Fuso Camper by Phoenix Pop Up Campers PHXFG

    Idaho We did a few week trip to Idaho with the paddleboards, mtn bikes and BEER! Beautiful area. Break Break: Super single wheels.... It's about time to change tires, so this might be the time to do the wheels but I'm getting quotes of $550 per wheel... DAMN. I'm also wondering if the...
  11. Butch1979

    Mitsu Fuso Camper examples

    Nice! That's us. We were on our "Idaho adventure". Hot springs, mtn biking, paddleboards and beer! Incredible area for sure. McCall was our favorite town of the entire trip.
  12. Butch1979

    Adventures of "Sally Ross" Fuso Camper by Phoenix Pop Up Campers PHXFG

    Valley of the Gods! Need to add a bunch of photos, we've been out so much it's hard to take the time to update the thread.
  13. Butch1979

    2014 Fuso FG New Shocks?

    So I had the Fuso in the shop the other day and the service manager mentioned that my passenger shock needs to be replaced. With only 13K miles on the truck, I'm wondering if I need to go aftermarket vs the stock ones, so I'm looking for suggestions. The truck suspension is stock at this...
  14. Butch1979

    FG cupping

    Interesting to see this come up... my Toyo front tire was cupping bad on the passenger side, so I took it into the dealer for a look. They said my passenger front shock was toast and caused the cupping. They swapped the tires, realigned and order a new shock (haven't installed it yet). Shock...
  15. Butch1979

    Overland Expo For Sale Swap meet

    Spacers are 1 1/4 inches thick.
  16. Butch1979

    Nitro Gear / Just Differentials, Project 200 Series Land Cruiser

    I have 200 envy! Just when I thought my 100 was everything I ever wanted... folks started building these 200s. Nice ride for sure!
  17. Butch1979

    Overland Expo For Sale Swap meet

    Slee Land Cruiser Wheel Spacers Gentlemen Slee LC wheel spacers: $100 These were temporarily on the 2003 LC I purchased (before I owned it), with a set of TRD wheels. I've never personally run them on this truck, so I can't speak to what wheel size/type they will work with. This is a set...
  18. Butch1979

    Overland Expo For Sale Swap meet

    GOAL ZERO 14001 ESTRELLA 3W Works great! Free delivery to Expo West in a few weeks REMINDER: I still have Mountain Hardware Double sleeping bag in previous add also
  19. Butch1979

    Overland Expo For Sale Swap meet

    Mountain Hardwear mega lamina double sleeping bag $100 Great condition. Only used in a van never on the ground/tent Includes Compression Bag, and everyday storage bag Mountain Hardwear MegaLamina 20 Sleeping Bag Blue Ridge Regular / Left Zip...