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    Overlander, new “affordable” Earthroamer type rig

    It's a different company. Outdoors RV is part of Northwood Manufacturing, who makes travel trailers & fifth wheels in Oregon. Adventure Manufacturing makes Adventurer & Eagle Cap campers in Washington.
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    Pop Top For A Sprinter Van?

    Sportsmobile has been doing this for a long time. They have a good name.
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    Jack's 2007 Chevy Build

    Thanks. I appreciate it. grant
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    Jack's 2007 Chevy Build

    I didn't read through all 53 pages, so this may have been asked before, so I'm sorry if it has. Does your bumper affect the transmission temperature? I have the same body style pickup and I had to take my winch mount off because it blocked air flow to the transmission cooler & made it run too...
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    Mild A/T for heavy towing

    I run BF Goodrich all terrain on my 2500hd and they're great. They're quiet and great in the Seattle rain for me. I tow a lot and haul a camper and get good life from them.
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    Aluminum Framed TC

    Bigfoot doesn’t make an aluminum frame camper anymore. Both of their camper lines now are molded fiberglass. Whenever they stopped making the 3000 series camper was the end of aluminum frame campers from them.
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    Budget 54" Curved LED Light Bar; Looking for opinions, user reviews.

    I have a Rough Country light bar on the front of my pickup. It’s been there for 2-1/2 years and has been great.
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    A/C for my Jeep

    Go to the junk yard & do it the right way. An air compressor doesn't need to be under the hood. Where are you going to put the batteries you'll need for the inverter? I don't understand not wanting anything custom it being willing to have a house air conditioner sticking out the back window...
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    Ramsey Winch Troubleshooting

    verdesard0g are you always an *******? He's asking for help with a problem.
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    12V car coffee pot for long trip?

    Another vote for Jetboil. I love mine and use it heavily
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    my 2016 RAM Rebel

    Very nice set up. I like it