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    2018 Vorsheer XOC; Wake Forest, NC; $36,500

    Fully loaded: Roof-top tent with privacy drop down and extension ladder Heat and AC in the Galley Generator Dual battery with Shore power and charger ARB Fridge/Freezer Sink with hot water heater and 36 gallon water tank Outdoor shower Stove top Spare tire mount with spare tire Flip down table...
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    Feedback from customers of Vorsheer

    Proud owner of the first XOC from Vorsheer. They have been amazing from the beginning. I got my trailer in December and Steve and Davin still keep in touch. My trailer came with an air conditioner, but we wanted to have our trailer for a trip in December and they were still looking for a...
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    Moby1 Going Out Of Business? Has Anyone Received A Deposit Return?

    So I posted in this thread quite a while ago letting everyone know that the power has been shut off at Moby1. After that I've created a website to warn users of Moby1 in hopes that Moby1 would go under sooner rather than later. I never did report back. I have...
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    VORSHEER - Introducing Ourselves

    Hello everyone, I started this post a few times and each time it got fairly lengthy. It seems some people just like to troll and only read bits and pieces of a post. Luckily it appears that person was put in timeout. A few quick things to put out there. I gave Moby1 a good chunk of money. I...
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    Moby1 Going Out Of Business? Has Anyone Received A Deposit Return?

    About two weeks ago their power was shut off, it has since been turned back on. Last time I was in their shop they didn't have much in there and no employees. I don't see them being around much longer, it just sucks for all the people who gave him $15,000+