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    SOLD - 08 Toyota LandCruiser Overland Built - SoCal

    sold 2008 Toyota Land Cruiser, 190K miles The car spent most of it’s life in Mississippi and it was maintained and lightly built by the crew at 49Tires. I bought this LC in Dec 2017 with 165k miles and since then I’ve continued to built it and done all the preventive maintenance possible to...
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    Norcold 30L portable fridge/freezer $300

    I just upgraded to a 50L ARB and I’m selling this Norcold NRF30 in great condition. Minor scratches on the outside. The handles can be removed if you need to fit it in a tight space. Retails for $580 at Amazon, I’m selling mine for $300obo. Local pickup in Orange County.
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    Roof rack - Rhino Rack Pioneer 84x56

    I'm selling my Monty and the roof rack is available for a separate sale. It's a large rack, 84x56, made of aluminum, lightweight, low profile/low noise. There are a ton of accessories available at Rhino Rack. The sale includes 3 pairs of gutter mount legs and the rack platform. Price is $700...
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    SoCal 1999 Mitsubishi Montero - Expedition Ready

    Car is SOLD Hi guys, I decided to sell my beloved 1999 Mitsubishi Montero. This is a well-maintained and equipped rig. Here are the details: Maintenance history: 174K miles. 3.5L SOHC engine. Timing belt replaced at 146K miles along with spark plugs and wires, intake manifold gasket, intake...
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    Wolverine maintenance thread

    This is a thread of a 4x4 newbie and since my Montero is fairly decently built it's going to be more focused on maintenance. Dan, the previous owner called it Wasabi but my wife thought best name is Wolverine, so here is journey of Wolverine. This is a '99 Montero, with OME suspensions and a...
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    SoCal help needed - CV axles swap, brakes, shifter assy

    Hello, I'm getting closer to have my recently purchased '99 Montero up to date with the maintenance and in good enough shape to trust it for going off-road. I have a couple of things still left to do and I'm looking to see if any of the members here with skills and tools are willing to help (not...
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    Defective fuel gauge - looking for some advice

    Hello, the 1999 Montego I just got has a defective fuel gauge: when the tank is full it shows less than a half and after 80 miles or so it drops to 0. Has anyone had this issue and found a fix? Do you know a good electrician in Orange County that can take care of this? I have a few other minor...
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    New to Mitsubishi

    I'm the happy new owner of Dan's Wasabi, a great 1999 Montero. I wanted to properly say hello and introduce myself. I look forward to meet some of the locals, join a few 4x4 clubs and perhaps make some friends. Let me know if you have some suggestions on a good SoCal offloading club I should...
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    could laser clean all the rust?

    I saw this video on youtube, I was wondering if all the old cars could be cleaned quick with a device like this:
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    WTB: Mitsubishi Montero 2.5

    I would prefer a modified/expedition ready one in good shape and with good maintenance. It needs to pass smog. I'm in SoCal. Thanks
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    Gen 3.5 - cost to replace TB, seals, etc at dealer or good shop

    Hi, I'm considering making an offer on a gen 3.5 Montero and I want to see how much I need to budget for all the preventive maintenance - the car has around 90K miles but no history of maintenance. Drives great and has no leaks. I don't have the tools, skills and a garage so I'll have have...
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    1999 in Las Vegas - could someone check it out please?

    Hi, line many of you here I start looking for a Landcruiser and got turned off with the very high prices. I found a 1999 Mitsubishi in Las Vegas, 163K miles, for $1975. Would any member here be willing to check it out for me please? I'm 6 hrs away and I would prefer to avoid the drive if it's in...