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    Tuning a fuso any experience with

    Hi fellow fuso owners. I am trying to add more power and torque to our 2010 fuso. Assuming it works I have two friends with 2012 and 2017 fusos that would also like more. We started by trying steinbauer modules but after a couple of months working with them directly we still can’t seem to go...
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    Help with steinbauer tuning module

    Hi all. Trying to install a steinbauer module on a 2010 and a 2017 Mitsubishi fg140. However my challenge is which accelerator pedal sensor wire to use ?? Seems both have a sensor one and sensor two wire. attached are the pages from the shop manual for the two different model years. I am...
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    Fuel system challenges

    As an update to my code reader post here are some learnings that may help others. 1 goodsams tow service is worthwhile. 2 if you have to replace your fuel pump be sure to torque the nipples I had a slow diesel leak. No codes. Just a leak. Shop replaced the fuel pump. Then I had a bigger...
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    Help with what code reader for 2010 FG140 please :)

    Hi all, I would greatly appreciate any help you can offer regarding what the best code reader is for a 2010 Fuso FG140. Our truck threw a code (PO251) which is a generic "Injection pump A, rotor/cam -circuit malfunction". looking at the Fuso maintenance manual the code PO251 we are supposed to...
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    Adding mechanical low profile suspension to seats ?

    Has anyone added a low profile mechanical suspension under your seat ? If so did it help with the ride ? Thinking about Thanks for input. Cameron
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    Update on build

    I have been working on a fuso based expedition truck. We started with a used dump truck and bought an totalcomposites body (they awesome) and had ITB (. ) install the box on the truck. Installed Trebor mfg custom boxes. Central truck bodies was a great way to but the under body boxes...
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    More power please ?

    Does anyone know if there is someone who can reprogram the ECUs to get more power ? I have a 2010 fg140 Thanks. Cameron.
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    12v or 115v air compressor ?

    We are in the middle of a Fuso based truck build which will be used for getting to remote beaches where we would hope to Kiteboard and SUP. this means we will need to air down the tires and air back up as well as pump. up kites and SUP. given we have a 3000 watt inverter we could use standard...
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    1/2 inch FRP panels ?

    does anyone know where to get 1/2 inch FRP honeycomb panels for interior panels in a truck build ?.. thanks in advance for any help :) ..Cameron
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    WTB New to off roading .. building a fuso based expedition truck.. need almost everything

    we are building out a fuso based expedition truck and are looking for gently used or NIB gear that is cluttering up your garage or shop space. GVWR is 14000 lbs. here is a list of what we know we need :) bubba rope 1 1/4 warn 16500 winch ARB awning in aluminum case snatch blocks rated at...
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    Help with a larger fuel tank

    Any suggestions on replacing the stock fuel tank with a larger one ? Does the an Isuzu 50 gal work ?
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    Poly vs stainless tanks ?

    Any recommendations regarding fresh water tank ? Considering a 70 gal fresh water tank inside box over rear axle. Pros and cons of stainless or poly ? How to stop sloshing water ? Interior baffles or baffle balls ? Vendor suggestions ? Similar questions for grey tank to be mounted under...
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    Motorcycle on back of Expedition truck

    I am trying to design a Fuso based expedition truck that potentially can carry a dual sport (KTM 350), two mountain bikes and a spare tire on the rear. The total composites box will be mounted on a subframe. The rear panel of the composite box has some structural in it, but not enough to carry a...
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    Fuso Expedition truck build in ontario

    Hi all, we finally secured reasonable insurance for a Fuso and the completed expedition truck. PM me if you are in canada and having challenges getting insurance at something reasonable (ie around 1000-1500/yr vs the first quotes which were 12,000/yr). We now have started down the same path as...
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    Insurance on earthcruiser ontario. Canada ??

    I am a newbie from ontario canada so pardon the basic questions. I have been trying to find insurance for a potential earthcruiser purchase . As soon as I told allstate I was going to buy a used earthcruiser they said no. No customized trucks (they consider earthcruiser a custom build. Unlike...
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    Help finding insurance

    I am a newbie from ontario canada so pardon the basic questions. I have been trying to find insurance for a potential fuso build. As soon as I told allstate I was having a truck built they said no. No customized trucks. No trucks or rv worth more than 200k cad. All other brokers I called said...
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    Help with self build in ontario

    Does anyone know how to get thru the red tape of safety certification and insurance in ontario ? Considering welding up and installing a subframe myself and installing it on a fuso chassis then installing a box on top. Curious to know if anyone can share how they got insurance and safety...
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    Help finding a subframe building near toronto ontario Canada

    Could anyone suggest a subframe builder near toronto please ? I would like to put a total composites box on top of a fuso FG140 and need a subframe. I tried gincor/durabody however they can’t so the build as it is out of their area of expertise (boxes that are rigidly attached to trucks). Any...