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  1. DesertFront

    2013 Nissan Frontier Pro 4X - Recomendations?

    A wench bumper and winch might be good . . . BTW I have a 13 Pro4x, (bought it new), and love it.
  2. DesertFront

    El Camino Del Diablo

    That's a pretty cool trip. I've been wanting to hit that a few yrs. maybe someday!! Awesome pics & write up
  3. DesertFront

    Titan Pro4x?

    A new Titan is due out 2016 model year but the old ones are a solid vehicle. Been around since 2004 and therefore, (like said by previous posters), outdated but is a good truck that will get you there and back, (unless you run out of gas, mpg sucks)
  4. DesertFront

    Josh's 2014 Xterra Pro 4x - guided by necessity

    I strongly recommend the rear axle vent mod for water fordings NICE X!!
  5. DesertFront

    C200 vs R200

    I hauled 3 grandkids and the wife around in my Frontier . . . No crowding no problems. I would go Frontier with a cap the pro-4x is AWESOME too.
  6. DesertFront

    Is the Pro 4x Worth it?

    I don't care for billies because of that and when I got my new truck, I instantly yanked them off and put Radflo coilover front and radflo emulsions in the rear. The extra expense was worth it as they are rebuildable and the ride is better.
  7. DesertFront

    A tale of 2 Xterra's

    Are you financing? Why not a new one? A couple thou diff won't change payments all that much and you'll know about oil changes, etc.
  8. DesertFront

    Would you do this?

    There used to be a popular sticker/decal that said, "warning; if you value your life as much as I value this truck, Don't f_ _k with it!" I guess this guy took it to heart.
  9. DesertFront

    New 2016 Titan Released

    I like it but I just don't need a full sized pick up. They just don't have the maneuverability I like out on the desert. HOWEVER!, I do like the smaller Nissan truck and would love to see a Cummings TD 4 cyl in it when it's introduced in the US. And if it looks like the new Navarra than I just...
  10. DesertFront

    33" tires on stock gearing?

    I thought it was 3:36 dears. I am running LT285/75 R16 on mine with no problems. I also ran even LT295/75 R16 on my 05 I used to own. The bigger size tires will affect your speedo and mileage
  11. DesertFront

    Thinking of a 2012 Frontier. Thoughts

    Don't know about the clutch, but there were some issues with the 05-07 models that the rad coolant would contaminate the trans fluid but as previously mentioned, it was resolved. The 10-14 models are pretty much bug free (more or less)
  12. DesertFront

    Rear leaf spring advice needed

    I have AAL's on my frontier. I sag with my trailer. I would use something like this for sagging . . . Also, there's nothing wrong with strut spacers, I've used them before. It will create spring/UCA contact...
  13. DesertFront

    Nissan NV 4x4 van

    Great van, I'm wondering if it would share the same components as the Nissan trucks . . . Frontier/Navarra Titan. Have you check into that? I am wondering if they may share parts. I would love a 1500 1/2 ton 4x4 with the 4.0 V6
  14. DesertFront

    Nissan Photos - post your's

    My 2013 Nissan Frontier Pro-4X up in a box canyon
  15. DesertFront

    Post your Nissan Camping Pictures!

    Boondocking out on the desert.
  16. DesertFront

    Nissan Frontier Suspension Help

    My 2013 Fronty has a nisstec kit on it. Radflo coilovers front, AAL's rear with emulsion shock option. I like it, it's two inches. The spacers are ok and cheap but tend to have the upper control arm clang on full droop so if you go that way you'll hear that on the trails. Mine doesn't do that...
  17. DesertFront

    Its called the world's most treacherous road

    Nope, don't think so. Too insecure on the right, too far down on the left
  18. DesertFront

    The Rubicon Trail, Sept 2013

    Excellent vid, absolutely excellent
  19. DesertFront

    A few days through the Mojave Preserve

    Nice write up & photos. Have been on the Mojave road myself.
  20. DesertFront

    A short expedition

    @ OP, Great write up & pics. Thanks for posting and being out there.