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  1. inkblotz

    Drawer storage kit

    I had a set of drawers custom made by They made the storage system for police and fire departments. Because the 463 door does not open a full 90 the drawer on the left is not as wide. These are made/welded/fused together totally out of heavy duty plastic. There are no runners as the...
  2. inkblotz

    Importing a G?
  3. inkblotz

    The Gwagen a success story

    Nice web site dedicated to the history of the G.
  4. inkblotz

    ExPo: G-Wagen Registry

    my 90 G300 603A My 90 G300 diesel with its transplanted 603A motor.
  5. inkblotz

    Overland Expo East

  6. inkblotz

    Overland Expo East

    Before the mud
  7. inkblotz

    Overland Expo East

    Dutch, It was good that you did not come as the walking was precarious with all the mud and your knee would definitely have suffered. Mark
  8. inkblotz

    Overland Expo East

    Yes 1990 463 300GD with transplanted 603 Turbo motor. 1 other G in attendance. It was a 2000 Europa with something like 364,000 miles on it.
  9. inkblotz

    Overland Expo East

    Nice wet trip.
  10. inkblotz

    463 Right Front Fender needed

    Hi Guys, I am working on a little project and need a lightly used Right (passenger side) front 463 fender. The one with the vent hole over the wheel. Thanks Mark
  11. inkblotz

    What did I just buy.

    Where are you in Atlanta? I'll be happy to help. Mark
  12. inkblotz

    G-Wagen 5 Door 5 Cylinder Diesel VIN# ?????

    To verify the VIN: Check the frame rail inside the front passenger wheel well (the back part of the tire area). The VIN is stamped there as well. Mark
  13. inkblotz

    O'erlanderwagen build

    RE the Bilsteins. I was disappointed with the Bilsteins as well. I contacted them and they re-valved the shocks to my specifications for free. Lifetime warranty still in effect. Their high performance facility in California did the re-valving. Mark
  14. inkblotz

    240GD Water hose to heater question.

    Adrian Just blocking them off should be fine. The radiator fluid flows through that system only when you turn your heater on. When the heater is turned off it is essentially blocked off, so by what you describe you are simply shortening the loop. One side note: With my old diesels of the past...
  15. inkblotz

    Diesel G 463 for the US

    Survey 1.0 Expedition Portal did not receive the link to the first survey as it was put together in May of 09. It was made into an aluminum clad brochure that was presented to the head of the G-wagen division in Graz at the 30th anniversary celebration and another one was presented to the head...
  16. inkblotz

    Are the Brit's feeling the benefits of the first survey?

    We can only hope: Mark
  17. inkblotz

    Diesel G 463 for the US

    Hi All: Well it seems that the survey we presented to Mercedes in Graz at the 30th anniversary and the one to MBUSA has done some good. I received a phone call from MBUSA. They said that there is a good possibility that we will get a diesel G for the US market. We need your input to help MBUSA...