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    Rocktoberfest 2018, Kingman AZ

    We went to the Rocktoberfest event in Kingman, AZ October 4th - 6th, 2018. It was a fun 3 days of trails in the area: Serendipity, Hard ******, and Safelite. Here's some of my pictures, and if you'd like to see more and read the trip report, go to the thread located here...
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    Eastern Mojave Desert Exploration April 2017

    Last month we went over to California to explore some of the eastern Mojave Desert points of interest. It ended up being a very windy and cold weekend, so our original plan to camp two nights was aborted late in the second day when we split up and headed for our respective homes. In spite of the...
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    Kingman Area Trails March 2017

    We met up with a bunch of other folks from all over the place to run some trails near Kingman AZ last weekend. I'm always stunned by the spectacular scenery in that part of the state! We were there for 3 days, and ran trails ranging from wild to mild! Saturday we did 2 trails in the Black...
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    Sierra Trek, near Truckee, CA. August 2016

    The best thing that happened to us over the summer was being invited to the 49th Annual Sierra Trek August 10 - 14. We'd never been to this multi-day event in northern California (near Truckee), but we've known for a long time that Sierra Trek is a great opportunity to run the Fordyce Creek Jeep...
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    Rug Road East to West, southern AZ. Oct. 2016

    Every couple years or so we like to traverse the Rug Road which skirts the Aravaipa Wilderness in southern AZ. A couple weekends ago we ran it east to west, camping first at Turkey Creek and again somewhere in the middle. Here are some of my photos from the adventure, and you can check out more...
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    SOLD! 2000 Jeep Wrangler SE 98K $10,700

    JEEP IS SOLD! 2000 Jeep Wrangler SE 98K $10,700 2.5L engine, 5 spd. manual transmission 4.5" long-arm suspension lift Tera-Low 4:1 transfer-case Front axle: Dana 30 with 4.88 gears, chrome-molly shafts, trussed (Rusty's) and Warn locking hubs Rear axle: Dana 35 with 4.88 gears, 30 spline...
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    [SOLD!] 2004.5 Dodge Ram 2500 4x4 Diesel

    SOLD! 2004 Dodge Ram 2500 4x4 Diesel $27,000 This is one of the last years of the 5.9's, it's in great condition and has super low miles. Always garage kept and serviced according to factory recommendations. We are original owners. 86,000 Miles The truck came with tow-package, upgraded...
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    2004.5 Dodge Ram 2500 4x4 Diesel

    Moved to vehicles for sale. Mods please delete.
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    Prescription glasses found on Log Corral trail in southern AZ

    I found a pair of prescription eye glasses at the summit of Log Corral trail yesterday. They were on the ground directly across from the corral. Let me know if you lost them!
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    Oct 27 - 28, 2012: Swansea, AZ

    The group met in Wickenburg, AZ on Saturday morning and headed west on US 60 to Salome. In Salome we wove through town to Tank Pass Road, which was a little tricky to find, and where we stopped to air down. This was the 1st time I learned how to create a route on my Garmin Montana, and it worked...
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    Lockhart Basin & Moab Trails ORP Trip Report & Pictures

    We just returned from Moab this last weekend. I started writing a trip report and there's already a bunch of pictures posted from the trip. Link back to the report & pics if you want by clicking here. I'll update this thread as I add to the report - one day in Moab at a time...
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    Agua Caliente Exploration April 21 - 22, 2012

    We lead a large group through the Agua Caliente area last weekend to see all the historical sites. Camped one night out there. Check out everybody's pictures and trip report if you want, just click the 1st picture. See Ya! Diane
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    Dripping Springs Canyon Trail Near the El Camino del Diablo

    We went on an exploratory trip down by the Devil's Highway over the weekend. We did a new to us trail through Dripping Springs Canyon which basically goes from Fortuna Mine to Wellton. Here's a few pictures from the trip; click the first one to link back to my trip report and all the pictures...
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    Bradshaw Trail SoCal January 2012

    Last weekend we went to SoCal to run the Bradshaw Trail and explore the surrounding areas. Click the 1st picture if you want to link back to the trip report and all the pictures. That area is so rich with history and there are so many trails, there's no way we could see it all in one...
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    Thanksgving at Parker Canyon Lake and Coronado Cave

    We held our annual tradional, un-traditional Thanksgiving this year at Parker Canyon Lake in the Rock Bluff Group Site. On Friday the group went exploring in the area where we visited the ghost town of Sunnydale and nearby grave yard, and then it was on to Montezuma Pass and Coronado Cave. If...
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    Hole-in-the-Rock Trail, SE Utah

    We ran the Hole-in-the-Rock Trail a couple weekends ago. Here are a few pictures from the trip, click on the 1st one to link back to everybody's pictures and my trip report, which begins on post #27. Link to Hole-in-the-Rock Info / Detail post...
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    Trail Spare you should carry if you have a '92

    The carnage: A couple weeks ago on the way back to camp from the end of Smiley Rock trail, fluid suddenly flew out the hood vent opening onto the windshield of my XJ. The temperature gauge immediately started climbing and I started shouting 'May Day' over the CB. Luckily there was a place to...
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    McCracken Mine & Burro Creek, May 2011

    We went to McCracken Mine & the Burro Creek area over the weekend. Fun times! Here are a couple sample pictures. If you want to link to my Trip Report and Pictures Thread, click the 1st picture. Enjoy! d
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    Trick Trail Repair with Homebrew Trail Welder

    A few of us met up yesterday and ran the Mud Springs Trail near Scottsdale, AZ. The trail had become significantly more washed out in places and overgrown in others since we were there last. Click the 1st picture to link to my trail report which includes videos and a sweet trail repair on post...
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    Needles District & Moab Trails 2011 Pictures & Trip Report

    We went to the Needles District of the Canyonlands and then to Moab to run trails April 9 through 16. What a fun trip we had! I've completed my Trip Report and folks have posted their pictures in the tread. Check it out if you want by clicking the 1st Picture here. Here are some samples. On...