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  1. RoverFan

    87K Range Rover - Headgaskets, ARP bolts, Ported Heads, Arnott Gen IIs, etc.

    Hey everyone. Long time no see. I am clearing out some garage space with the help of Bring a Trailer. I know Range Rovers aren't everyone's flavor, but figured I'd share all the same. I'm letting this one go this week with no reserve, so I am not sure how to satisfy the price rule. I gave a ton...
  2. RoverFan

    SOLD Lifted Rhino P38 Range Rover - Atlanta, GA

    Up for sale is one of my Rhino P38s. This truck is a 2000 model, 1 of 250 made, and has ~137K on it. It spent most of its life in California, then a year in New Jersey, and its been with me in Atlanta for about a year. This thing is rust free, and sits on OME lift springs with Terrafirma shocks...
  3. RoverFan

    Where to buy Montero 5x transfer case switches in the USA?

    Hey everyone, I have a 2001 Montero (fullsize) Limited that is throwing Code 33 for the Transfercase Position Switch 2. I have owned a few Monteros, all Gen 3s, but this is the first I have had with this issue. The switch sets are all over the internet for around $40-50, but that seems too cheap...
  4. RoverFan

    SOLD Rust-Free Land Rover Discovery Starter Kit - ARB, Mantec, Newer Engine, U-Joint Axle, 5-SPD Kit, 7-Seater Kit, Spares, etc. (ATL)

    1998 Land Rover Discovery LSE and a ton of parts - SOLD I bought this truck out of Texas about a year ago when I wanted a rust-free D1 to build. I realized I have too much in front of this truck to turn it into the Bahama Gold retro rover I want to any time soon. I've already sat on it for a...
  5. RoverFan

    Free Land Rover Discovery 1 Parts Truck - Atlanta

    I bought this parts truck from a Dweb member a while back and have pulled all the parts I wanted. Now I have the rolling shell to dispose of. There is not much left of it, but would be good for body parts, windshield or odds and ends. It was partially disassembled under the hood when I got it...
  6. RoverFan

    Clean looking loaded LR3 with HD Package (rear locker)! South East
  7. RoverFan

    Trail-prepped Disco 1 I saw this truck in person while buying an engine and a parts truck from jeepeater. It is a neat looking Discovery with some good parts and fresh running gear. It has definitely been used for what it was intended, but a turn-key...
  8. RoverFan

    Neat 4x4 V6 4Runner Starter Vehicle? - Florida Ran across this while considering a 4x4 that doesn't have a LR sticker on it. Could be a good mechanical starting point for a build, and way cheaper than the Yota wheelers I see pass through here.