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    Coming along nicely.....
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    Mercedes 814DA

    Mate Can you put up a few pic’s of the inside ... That’s a nice lookin wagon
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    Good one look forward to the pic’s and write up....
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    Planning a 8m (26ft) 2-level build on a Isuzu FTR. Importing the truck from Japan. Good or Bad idea?

    Divster, Do your self a favour and have a look on the Manufacturers web site for Oz and see what chassis lengths are available
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    C5500 TopKick 4x4 Crew Cab Build

    Bugger that’s not good....
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    New Build - FG637 Dual Cab + Slide on

    Lachstock, Looking at the second photo of the damage the opened crack looks like it has been broken for awhile and lifting there has been the straw that broke the camels back Your mods will be a big help ...(just my 2bobs worth)......
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    Mercedes 1222A.. The beginning!

    Sitec you are saying this build is going to have international input
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    New Project and it's M.A.N sized.

    Bugger that’s not good.....
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    Mercedes 1222A.. The beginning!

    Looks the part coming together nicely...
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    Idacamper2.0 Color change, please let me know your thoughts.

    idaSHO, Fanbloodytastic mate looks great .....
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    Fiberglass truck camper build

    To add photos to a post have a look at the attached pic The little rectangle next to the smiley face is the icon to add pics click on that and see how you go you may have to resize the pic that can be done with a bit of fiddling around with the pic
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    New Build - FG637 Dual Cab + Slide on

    You are off to a good start More pic’s as most here will follow the build
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    The Alaskan

    Looking good....
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    Disgusting dust...

    Dust is a part of life here in Oz.... Heck your door seals to do this get some graphite powder and sprinkle on the rubber door seal this should then transfer to the door jamb/body of the vehicle and be visible where there is a gap that is where the dust is coming into the vehicle just my 2...
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    Mercedes 1222A.. The beginning!

    Sitec They sound awesome bet they drain your bloody air tank quick big time lol
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    AllTerrain campers other then off white?

    Why not wrap it in the colour of choice.... The wrap will also give some protection from Bush pin stripping...
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    Norwegian Unimog U1700L camper build

    Good to see it completed And you are getting some use Looks good