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    2013 HEAVY TURTLE For Sale $175,000

    (2) Forum Rules: READ BEFORE POSTING | Expedition Portal 2. Must include the physical location of the item, for example: Casa Grande, Arizona, USA
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    FOR SALE: 2019 Ford Ranger GFC V2

    Forum Rules: READ BEFORE POSTING | Expedition Portal 2. Must include the physical location of the item, for example: Casa Grande, Arizona, USA
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    Custom built camper on RVtrader

    Sorry, This Listing Has Been Removed
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    2017 AEV Prospector 3500 Megacab Diesel Laramie w/Lockers *Sold*

    wouldn't you rather drop the price here to $500 above trade in offer and give a fellow ADVer a shot at it ? if it turns out i have another frozen rear caliper next week i will be looking for a "new" truck... has it ever been smoked in ? i know you are not the sole owner, but maybe you made sure...
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    RIGD ultrsswing megafit - Los Angeles
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    GXV Kenworth Patagonia

    was posted here a few times for sale.
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    SOLD 2017 ram diesel flatbed fwc hawk. GO ANYWHERE!! SOLD

    how many owners ? has it ever been smoked in or around ?
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    2005 Unimog U500 $310k

    how is this not listed here ?
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    Thoughts? Expedition camper 135k

    This beast is a custom build. I build 3-4 of these a year for the last 10 years. Every build is unique. ... seems like he would be a known entity around here....
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    RAM 3500 MegaCab Cummins/Aisin AEV XL on 40"s with iKAMPER RTT

    CTDJeeperman, i am currently going deep on your build reading everything here in your buildthread since your truck is for sale - so if you would not mind would you care to elaborate on the extra slide out supports at your convenience ? even some simple pics would be cool - you don't have to...
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    FS-This is what I wish I had in South America....

    if this is a FS ad it is lacking : - a price - details on current state - a current state - a vehicle ready to be sold - a location and the respect for everyone reading here. make a build thread then list here once it is ready for sale. this is an advertisement for a vehicle to be sold in the...
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    Small cross-over SUV functional for adventuring?

    on a side note - the Sienna i have found has a very very significant differentiator to the sequioa and to other minivans of it's class in general : the second row seats can be moved fore and aft. this is crucial to tall people especially with kids in the back with the front seats all the way...
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    SET OF 4 SILVERADO SIERRA 2500 3500 18x8 Wheels (Black) GM part# 22910742

    OE take offs, only for sale since the truck got 35s - need cleaned up but not a inch of rash on them. straight and true ! a year or so old / 30k miles. GM part number 22910742, option RT4 (black), 18x8 ET44, fits probably every GM / Chevy since 2011 but do your homework. tires are shot - one...
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    **UPDATED PRICE** 2019 GXV Survival Basics on 2012 BAE SD Brazos Chassis - Upgrades and Storage Everywhere $348,000 No Wait Time

    any pics of the front cabin and the arrangements of seats ? yes, i tried to google. what is maximum driver height ? cannot find any additional pics at GXV either even though it is still there on the website.