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  1. Ala5ka

    Black Footed Ferrets! AZGFD Capture

    Sorry about the big pics Yeah you heard it, I will be heading to Seligman AZ tomorrow to help capture tag and release black footed ferrets of which there roughly 1000 wild left in 8 wild breeding colonies. Now I like ferrets as much as the next guy (not that much) but I was promised fine PDog...
  2. Ala5ka

    Always Wear Your Gear

    I went out to the desert this last weekend, tried powering through a sandy wash and got thrown at about 40 mph. Long story short broken collar bone and separated shoulder. It could have been a lot worse. I'm convinced God and my gear saved me. Have a good helmet on all of the time and full...
  3. Ala5ka

    VehiCROSSAmerica AK to AZ

    We are heading out tomorrow morning to start our 5k mile trip down the west coast to San Diego so we can eventually wind up in Phoenix. This year is a primer for next years trip up and down the east coast. You can check this thread for semi real time updates when we have internet. If you live...
  4. Ala5ka

    Please Help: What is this?

    I have the opportunity to pick this up in two days. I don't quite know what it is. For $100 do I get it and build?
  5. Ala5ka

    OPERATION: Overland VEHIcross

    Follow Us On Facebook Twitter @VehiXAmerica So I have so far kept this whole thing hush hush but, it's time now to reveal my plans. I have a 99' VEHIcross that I am planning on eventually taking on a jaunt down the PanAmerican...
  6. Ala5ka

    WTB Expo Vehicle in Vegas or LA Area

    Here's the deal, I am looking for a vehicle that could be a turn key drive from Vegas or LA to Alaska. Hopefully low enough miles, reasonable price, and would only need a few things (tires, filters, fluid) The kicker is that I won't be in the area until next June. I need to be able to pay for...
  7. Ala5ka

    Help Me Buy This Rover!

    I want to buy this Rover The only problem is I don't know what I'd be getting myself into. Is there any reason I should not pick this up? What are the common problems with this model? I don't have unlimited funds and it would take a...
  8. Ala5ka

    California To Alaska! North To the Future

    I'm driving from Santa Barbara to Wickenburg Arizona...and then to Anchorage Alaska. I do this at the beginning of each summer, not exactly a big adventure but this year is different as I'm driving a motor coach instead of an expo rig. Also I'm graduating from college in three days with my...
  9. Ala5ka

    Cheap IPF Aluminum Roof Rack, Like Crazy Cheap! SoCal

    I have posted this before but now I'm desperate! I am moving in two weeks and I literally cannot take this with me. Only $75 for a IPF Aluminum roof basket with Yakima Mighty Mounts (new $45 alone). Call or text for specs and pictures! My name is Chase. 6026631691
  10. Ala5ka

    Yaesu FT-250 Handheld HAM Cheap

    If you've wanted to get into the HAM game for a reasonable price here is your chance. I have a handheld HAM radio for sale, compact, rugged and easy to use. Comes with charging base and a 5.11 MOLLE pouch if you want it. First $100 takes it. Buyer pays for shipping. PM for more info :)
  11. Ala5ka

    Gun Cabinet (Moving Needs To Go Quick and Cheap)

    I have a brand new Stack-On 8 gun cabinet fully assembled and ready for a new owner. Perfect condition with two keys and shelf. Retails for $150 unassembled from Cabelas. For $100 it will go quickly, moving and need to sell. Easiest way to contact my is by phone (602) 663 one 691 ask for Chase
  12. Ala5ka

    Two New Duralast Deep Cycle Batteries Cheap

    Moving so I need to get rid of two brand new Duralast 27 deep cycle batteries. Located in SoCal, too heavy to ship. $50 a piece and will not last long so please call me 6026631691, Ask for Chase
  13. Ala5ka

    Aluminum IPF Roof Rack For Sale SoCal (Cheap)

    I have an IPF roof rack for sale with Yakima Mighty Mounts. Very light and sturdy. Low profile, if you need the dimensions PM me. I need it off of my porch so I will sell if for $125 to a deserving ExPo member :) Buyer needs to pick it up because of its size. The whole thing weighs only 15lbs or...
  14. Ala5ka

    Let's See Your Isuzu!

    I did a quick search and couldn't find a thread like this. Post up a picture of your Isuzu in action, being wrenched on, or sleeping in your driveway. Not that it's super important but it'd be nice to see what all of those Zu heads have done to their ExPo trucks. Like the poet Emma Lazarus...
  15. Ala5ka

    WTB Tires

    I am looking for a set of tires in 265/75/16, or 255/70/16 for my VX. Anything between 32 and 30 inches in diameter will be considered. I would like to find something close to Santa Barbara. I would like to find some mud tires, or general offroad tires. PM if you have something. Would like over...
  16. Ala5ka

    Rugged MacBook Cover?

    I recently acquired a 13" MacBook unibody laptop computer. I am now in need of a new rugged and versatile cover for the compie. I do not need a case just a cover. I used to have a Speck cover on an older MacBook that I liked but it collected dust inside of it. Does anybody know of a cover for...
  17. Ala5ka

    The VehiCROSS

    I just picked up a VehiCROSS with only 28K on it My plans are for Rocky Mountain sliders, and OME 912 springs, those are the only mods I'm planning, maybe new tires in the future. If you have any questions about the car, shoot em at me :)
  18. Ala5ka

    My Home On The Road (Alaska)

    So in the summer I work at various venues around Alaska and for that I live in this, I'm not sure if it meets any ExPo criteria but it's pretty comfy and portable. My family got it new from the factory (Anderson Mobile) Custom designed for our needs with a ticket box, office, kitchen, bath...
  19. Ala5ka

    WTT For Isuzu VehiCROSS

    Like the title says I am looking for a low mileage Isuzu VX. I want to trade my F150 for one of the little guys. PM me for more info on the truck. I am also entertaining other trades for small trucks/ExPo vehicles, but mainly trying to find the elusive VX. For more info PM or call 6026631691
  20. Ala5ka

    How Much Should I Pay?

    So my girlfriend needs to get a new car that is spacious and ok on gas, so obviously I suggested a Rover. She charged me with finding her something nice. What I want to know is how much should I pay for a late model LR (late nineties-present) What should I look for in a quality Rover? What are...