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  1. J spring hanger kit CK001 4x4 Ford Econoline E350 E250

    I bought this a while back and did not complete the project. Has a little surface rust $500 + shipping or pickup in Griffin GA Part#: CK001 Desc: This is the UJOR 4wd van spring hanger kit. Includes front spring hangers & sleeves, frame shackle sleeves & bushings, shackles, complete hardware...
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    Regretting my layout and sofa bed ,uuuugh

    Is there any chance your shock valving is not longer applicable to your setup? I know I put a set of heavy duty RV shocks on the rear of my first 4x4 van and it road like a rock. Every bump you hit would send the rear passengers flying. I switched to some applicable bilstein shocks and it was...
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    VanKrishna: Operation K.I.S.S.

    Thanks for the shoutout Jb1rd. That is where I am currently stuck going from a cutaway that never had power windows the wiring does not exist in the dash so I will have to swap out the dash harness for one that does or custom build a harness. Not on my priority list right now but I will...
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    95 E350 build

    Great build. Thanks for sharing your experience with us. This is the first king pin 60 i've seen someone document building under an econoline.
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    FOUND Vans For Sale!

    Jsweezy, it's perfect for 2 people but I am a little leary about transporting a family of 3 in it since one of us would have to ride in the back. Just FYI. I wish I had thought more about that before I started building it. I guess it wouldn't be a whole lot different than a standard sticks and...
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    FOUND Vans For Sale!

    trying not to hijack this thread but since we are talking box trucks that's my plan for this one. If I were to start it over again I might have started with a short bus. It might be safer to transport more than 2 people.
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    FOUND Vans For Sale!

    You also would't have to worry about cutting the fuel tank it's mounted in the rear.
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    So whats the future?

    Looks like several people have allready supercharged an Econoline.
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    1997 E350 2wd Coil Spring replacement.

    Here is what I did
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    Box Camper Van conversion

    Working on the cabinets
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    Box Camper Van conversion

    Hey guys check out my Box camper van build in progress and let me know what you think. The latest video. Link to all of the videos in my playlist.
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    Converting a standard cargo box to a camper

    Here is mine in progress. Its a 2006 E350 with a 10ft BOX. Subscribe here to keep up with the progress
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    The Dana 50 TTB and getting it under my E350 van.

    Thanks for those pictures mgmetalworks, got to hand it to Ramsey. That is a factory looking setup. From what I hear it handles better than factory. I have even more questions now. Steering arm looks a lot longer than any e-series I have seen. I wonder what it is sourced from? Is that 3/16 steel...
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    Diesel 04 E-350 Cube Van Camper

    Let me start off by saying your rig is awesome and the inspiration for me building one. Im doing it the hard way though piece by piece and 5.4 instead of the 6.0. here a link to my progress if you want to take a look...
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    The Dana 50 TTB and getting it under my E350 van.

    While trying to find the Front Track width I ran across the info below and decided to post here in case it will help someone. Dana 50 IFS/TTB Service Manual link below Dana 50 Axle Parts, Gears, and Upgrades Axle Specifications: Ring Gear Diameter: 9.00...
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    The Dana 50 TTB and getting it under my E350 van.

    I bought this the other day. Still has the center section of the frame. Let me know if any of those measurements would be of any use to you and I will do my best to get them as accurate as I can. The front track width of a van is 69.4" according to Ford. Anyone know the track with of the f350 or...
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    The Dana 50 TTB and getting it under my E350 van.

    I can understand being elusive and not sharing trade secrets and the majority of people will go to Agile to have this done. The 5 or so people he could help doing a DIY could help save someones life if they did it incorrectly. To me this is a time he could showcase his expertise and gain customers .
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    The Dana 50 TTB and getting it under my E350 van.

    Thanks for sharing all your hard work on this bcaine. If and when I get mine done I'll be sure to give you credit as the pioneer who shared the process of putting TTB in a van.
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    The Dana 50 TTB and getting it under my E350 van.

    I think this axle is still in the salvage yard that i go to. Let me know if you need any measurements from it. I don't know what I can reference them from but its a complete front frame with axles attached. I would think the pivot point spacing would be the most important.