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  1. Blackdawg

    The DeTour Trip Report - As Told by Blackdawg

    Chapter 1: Well...********... Welcome to The DeTour Trip report. This year for this story going to be doing something a little different. As some of you many be aware, and if you aren’t you will be now, our good friend @turbodb does very nice write ups of..well everything! And this trip, he took...
  2. Blackdawg

    FS: Wildernest Topper

    Hey all I have a wildernest topper forsale in southern Montana. Asking 1250. Its in great shape, probably best one I've seen which is why I bought it. Just don't need it really as we decided to stick with our RTT. Wildernest-4.jpg by Monte Nickles Photos, on Flickr Wildernest-2.jpg by...
  3. Blackdawg

    ImpromptU-Ah! Back to Utah We Go!

    ImpromptU-AH! Back to Utah We Go! It really had not been that long since we had been to Utah. Actually it had barely been 5 months. But Devin and I were still thinking about how amazing our last trip was. (If you missed it, check it out here) So there I was on the couch at home after...
  4. Blackdawg

    The M~D~U Report: A Thousand Miles of Dirt in Utah

    M ~ U ~ D 1000 miles of Utah Dirt M~D~U-31.jpg by Monte Nickles Photos, on Flickr Chapter 1: Here we go again! It had only been perhaps a week or two from when we had returned from Canada that the itch came back to get out. It was also the first time in my life that I did not have school...
  5. Blackdawg

    Alberta Bound & Beyond

    Alberta Bound and Beyond Chapter 1: Last Minute Scramble to the Sun It's August 2016 and the time has come for what has become an annual ritual for my two friends and I to meet and go on an adventure to somewhere new. Mike, Ben, and I have been planning all summer to head back into Canada to...
  6. Blackdawg

    Igor: Double Cab 4x4. Frankensteins Helper

    So I guess its time to start this thread. Meet Igor: Front diff-2.jpg by Monte Nickles Photos, on Flickr RearLift-3.jpg by Monte Nickles Photos, on Flickr This is my Daily driver Tacoma but will slowly be modified to do my long distance more Overland/Expo trips. Frankenstein, while he has...
  7. Blackdawg

    Fires, Tires, 'n Bears Eh? Ooh YeyyaahhH!!- Trip Report

    Fires, Tires, 'n Bears eh? Ooh Yaayh!!! FTnBE-8.jpg by Monte Nickles Photos, on Flickr Chapter 1: Simple Beginnings This trip report is well over due. But better late then never right? :D This trip takes place in August of 2015. Mike, Ben and I are once again headed to a new place with our...
  8. Blackdawg

    WTB: Pelican cases

    Anyone have any pelican cases they want to part with??? Let me know which model you have that you'd be willing to sell! Thanks!
  9. Blackdawg

    The Frankenstein Build: 1996 Tacoma Long Travel/Expo/Trail Rig

    Alberta Bound!-15.jpg by Monte Nickles Photos, on Flickr Hey everyone, thanks for looking through my build! This is the build and story of my Tacoma, Frankenstein. I bought the truck as a junior in high school fulling my dream I'd had since I was about 10 years old of owning a Tacoma with 96k...
  10. Blackdawg

    The SOS Report. The Full Story

    The SOS Meet Report Chapter 1: SOS! I know most people have seen these photos already, but they only help tell the story so much. So I decided to do a real report using photos from everyone and filling in the gaps with some words for those that enjoy taking the time to read. Granted, while I...
  11. Blackdawg

    WTB: tacoma 4.88 gears

    Looking for R&P for a 1st gen Tacoma 7.5" front diff and install kit Install kit for 8.4" rear diff. Or Already setup diffs, 7.5" front, 8.4" rear. Thanks!
  12. Blackdawg

    Handheld gimbal for gopro

    Check it!
  13. Blackdawg

    CVT Roof Top Tent GB 2012

    GB IS NOW CLOSED!!!! THERE ARE NO MORE ORDERS ALLOWED FOR THE 30% OFF!!! Feel free to call and order one at full price though! Hey all. A bunch of my buddies on Tacomaworld got Bobby at CVT to consider a second Group buy! :woot: here we go people!! Here are the rules to the GB. Only people...
  14. Blackdawg

    Front runner 40L water tank?

    Anyone running one of these?? i would really like one i think, it'll fit perfect in my bed rack system. Maybe do a GB if enough interest...
  15. Blackdawg

    Camping Lab RTT

    Anyone ever heard of these guys before?? hell of a deal..