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    Solar regulators

    I have just bought 3 250w solar panels off eBay, I have 4 110ah leisure batteries set up as 24v to power inventor and then a battery to battery charger to a single 12v battery. I am now unsure of the best option for regulators, would a single 30a controller feeding the main 24v bank be best? I...
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    Hi Is there any meetings or shows in europe this summer for this type of vehicles? we should be up and running by june and would be interested in travelling to an event thanks ian
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    917af pictures so far

    sorry not very good uploading pics, they show our 917 just before christmas as it arrived. We have now constructed sub frame from aluminium and mounted on three rubber mountings. Last weekend we fitted the composit body pannels and windows. Now for the less exciting bits for a few weeks.
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    camper mb 917 cabin electrics

    Hi iam building an camper on merc 917 I need to decide on what electrical needs i will have, I think I will keep to 24v on cabin battries and already have 6kva 240v generator and large truck alternator (as fire engine spec). I plan on having gas hob and combination microwave oven for cooking...