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    Looking for something different (vintage)?

    Since I discovered this place, it's been a pasttime just looking at the photos and videos and imagining going on adventures with some of these. Many of them are listed as "driver restorations" rather than "show restorations", and the prices seem quite within reach on many of them. It sounds...
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    Unusual Exped. platforms in Top Gear UK Africa Special

    I recently came across this riveting hour of programming and found it quite entertaining and thought-provoking. It features Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond crossing Africa to find the origin of the Nile River. Their vehicles are not typical for the type of adventure, and I don't...
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    Finally have a way to remove the camper!

    This poor trucklet had been lugging this camper around since I found it about 5 years ago, but I finally figured out a way to take it off! This camper was, let's just say, significantly under $1k, so I couldn't justify buying jacks, and the ones on Craigslist seemed to keep getting snatched...
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    I'm obsessed with 2nd-gen RAV4s...can anyone oblige me?

    Yep, I've got a problem. My recent trail outing changed my ways of thinking about CUVs--they were rambling all over up there, soaking up the bumps and looking like a lot of fun. I started researching some, and I think I've found my top pick...a 2001-2005 RAV4. Full-time 4wd (no front or...
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    Anyone have a Craigslist truck they can't stop thinking about?

    I really have to keep my heart from straying (I'm not going to be buying), but every once in a while I come across an example, in browsing, that I keeping going back and looking at. This may not be the apple of everyone's eye, but I haven't been able to get it off my mind. Maybe it's the...
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    Unique custom cruisers on All4Adventure (Australia)

    Came across these guys on Youtube. I imagine they're on TV in Oz. At first, I was thinking they were driving 70-series tray-backs. Turns out one's a 200-series V8 with the body chopped off behind the rear doors, the wheelbase extended and a tray/canopy added on the back....pretty gnarly...
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    Manual sink faucet pumps

    I've never used one but I'm thinking I'm going to go this route. I did like the convenience of the 12v diaphragm pump with the auto pressure switch but it has gotten moisture in the motor and has seizing issues. I've taken it apart a few times, gotten it unfrozen and try to...
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    Small Toyota 4wd class-C RVs in Japan

    My internet acquaintance in Japan has been sending me photos of these short, 4wd Class-C RVs built on diesel Hiluxes. They look like a nice, compact size and the amenities look well designed. It looks like they use the original, semi-float rear axle and singles. The 2.8D seems to be most...
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    Help say "hi" to spacecraft Juno on 10/9

    A friend told me about sounds interesting... "NASA's Juno spacecraft will fly past Earth on October 9, 2013 to receive a gravity assist from our planet, putting it on course for Jupiter. To celebrate this event, the Juno mission is inviting amateur radio operators around the world to...
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    Semi-vintage bicycle portable HF

    Allow me introduce you to my first radio...this Yaesu FT-301SD. This is a bit of a unique radio. It was Yaesu's first all solid-state HF Transceiver. The "S" variant was built without a final amplifier, likely in response to the energy crisis of the late 70s, and has maximum RF power...
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    Tumbleweed Vardo truck camper plans

    I've been following the tiny house movement for a while and I just noticed Tumbleweed sells plans for a gypsy-wagon style truck cabin. It doesn't have much inside other than a bed but it sure scores big on style and is likely easy to customize...
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    Field Day 2011: Nederland, CO

    Hi guys, I just got back from Field Day weekend--a couple of us set up some simple stations in the woods. I put a little write-up here: 73, Eric
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    Ham radio field day, Nederland, CO

    Just winding down from a fun Field Day weekend this year. Field day, for those who aren't familiar, is a national event that is designed to be an exercise in emergency communications preparation. It is an on-the-air contest where stations try to reach other stations across the US and Canada...
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    Camper field shack

    Taking radios outside of the home shack is one of my favorite ways to operate. Last weekend, my old friend Zach and I loaded up some gear and went just a few minutes outside of town to an open space parking lot up on a hill. Here's a Yaesu FT-2200 2-meter mobile powered from the camper's...
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    $200 Grandby in Denver No affiliation
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    Camping with the furries!

    My sister said it couldn't be done. So Dad and I had to try it. It was exhausting--they're like 2-year-old kids who always want to be somewhere else...when they're not napping. It was fun though and they seemed pretty happy with the camper. Cinch the little healer even christened it for us...
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    Utah Nat'l Parks

    It was great seeing the parks again. Many of them I hadn't seen since I was quite a bit younger. In middle school we took week-long field trips to Canyonlands so there was some definite nostalgia there. We started at Horse Thief Campground near the Dead Horse Point entrance. I was a bit...
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    First night in the pop-up--Nederland, CO

    Well I finally spent the night in the pop-up. My friends Colin and Kurt had the week off as well so we headed up the canyon to Nederland where the haul road for the silver mines near Tennesee Mountain leaves Peak-to-peak highway. The forest service has set up a backcountry campground there...
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    Toyota Surf-roamer

    I hope Earthroamer doesn't feel intimidated. They really shouldn't! I figured the name would work since the 4Runner carries the Hilux Surf badge overseas. This is a 4 Seasons 8-foot pop-up on a 1985 4Runner. I've wanted to try this for a far so good! I tried a little bit of...
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    85 Surf-roamer (4runner camper)

    Hi guys, I've always liked pop-up truck campers but the 4wd here is an '85 4unner and not a pickup. I like trying to do what I can with what I have (or can get for cheap), so here's the low-budget adventure rig. The wagon: 1985 Toyota 4Runner 22RE w 5 spd 4:1 low-range from AA Lockright...