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    Composite pop up project

    It's not like I needed something else to do, the shop is nicely full and I could relax a bit in the evenings, but I have a few guys I promised to look into the possibility of doing a raising roof for. Doing one off custom work is fun, and challenging, but carries a pretty hefty price tag, and as...
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    Another X10 leaving the shop today!

    Another X10 leaving today, this unit is equipped with all of our standard features but has an upgraded battery bank (2 group 31 AGM) and a 2000 watt inverter charger with 320 watts of solar. This is our original floor plan. This unit comes in at 2816 lbs. with 10 gallons of water and 10 liters...
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    Copper Canyon Bike ride

    Got the text from a good friend "Copper Canyon, you in?" I immediately sent a "yes" It was the dead of winter and I didn't even look where it was just knew I had to get the hell out of the grip of winter, or at least something warmer to look forward too. Said friend rounded up a total of 6 for...
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    European company misrepresenting products

    We must be doing something right for the Euros or the Chinese to blatantly use our images and claim them to be products of their own. I'm not sure if there's a business connection of if the Chinese factory in their link is hijacked imagery as well but it's all part of the package. Victorian, I...
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    Cummins Jeep 4 Sale/Trade

    I am looking to move from my Jeep into something I all get more use out of, small crew cab truck, Tacoma, Tundra, Frontier, 84-88 4Runner, the right Land Cruiser HJ series, KTM 500EXC or 690 Enduro. I built it a couple of years ago, wheeled Moab for 5 days, and it sits in the garage, I just...
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    Flatbed and composite panel build on Dodge 2500

    So a few years ago, I built a nice Ford F-650 to comfortably haul 4 people and sleep up to 6 for our families travels, we race cross country and hare scrambles plus do a lot of off road riding. In the past we used your typical RV but after killing 2 motorhomes, 2 travel trailers, and having the...
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    Neat camper

    Had a look at these, build was decent enough for a mass produced unit with a lot of good features. I liked it.
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    I need a wiring diagram

    I need a wiring diagram for a 1997 F-350 Ford. I have alldata but the wiring diagrams really leave something to be desired, does anybody have a pdf or a link to an old school schematic? Thanks in advance guys, Mark
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    Catalytic Heaters

    I just bought one of these, seem to have a flawless reputaion and the manufacturer was great to deal with. Is there any down side to using a catalytic heater? I like the no power useage feature and no wasted fuel but does anybody have any...
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    I need to know...

    I found a random pic of a truck and would like to know more about it. I'm building pretty much the same thing. Any ideas who this is?
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    Aluminum expedition trailer

    I just finished up a trailer for a very good customer, he pulls it behind his very cool Nissan pick up that matches the trailer very nicely. Trailer is on leafs for simplicity and reliablilty, tube frame, rear tire carrier and reciever for mountain bikes, scepter can holders, propane and battery...
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    HELP! Need a fender!

    My truck is a 1996 F-700 and I need a drivers side "quarter fender" "rear wheel house" or what ever you would like to call the broken fiberglass part in the picture! Ford has gone obsolete on me but I'm positive there are one of these things kicking around a wrecking yard near some of the major...
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    I am seriously considering putting a slide in my camper, does anybody have any decent pics of the mechanisms under the military expandable van bodies? Or any other HD applications? I'm quite certain the RV industry stuff isn't going to cut the mustard. Thanks.
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    Recovery advice

    I just helped a guy recover his JK that he was trying to recover a 3/4 ton Dodge 4x4 with-stuck in ditch with 3 feet of heavy wet snow. Anyhow, JK guy is tugging on the truck with a strap in reverse, he took out a front axle U joint, stub, inner axle, and steering knuckle in one shot, as well as...
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    Great builders site

    Check out the DIY section at There is a ton of info there for anyone building a camper. Good info on construction methods, insulation, adhesives, etc. Different trucks but a lot of similarities.
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    Wheel info

    Due to some of the interest generated debating spacers and backspacing why don't we post up links or info to some of the wheel and spacer manufacturers specs and features here, might make it easier to see what is available.
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    Axle question

    What is the axle width on a Disco series 1 or 2? Wheel mounting surface to wheel mounting surface. Thanks in advance, Mark
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    Nice pop up

    Check out ,they have what looks like a very rugged pop up. I like the glass body and the carbon fiber reinforced roof. Maybe a little on the heavier side but would work great on a 3/4 ton.
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    The Cool Bus....

    Actually 20 of them. I'm in the process of converting 20 new IH custom built buses to 4WD. They are to be transporting work crews all over North America. The conversion kits are from Marmon Herrington, all transfer case functions are electric over air and work very smoothly. I wish my kids rode...
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    RTT tent info

    I've been looking at several different RTT's and I'm leaning towards the Eezi Awn family model. It's the right size but how well is it made? I'd like something very durable. Is there something that uses insulated material? What else out there is big and high quality? Sorry if this has been beat...