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  1. Judoka

    Custom Built Off-road trailer.

    This trailer is Ford Ranger bed with a modified suspension. I got it to go behind the Jeep and used it to tow behind my 3/4 Ton Suburban all over the US and Mexico. It has been built to take down the roughest roads in Baja and it handles them easily. First, the suspension. The leaf springs are...
  2. Judoka

    These miles cant be right

    Not mine. That seems awfully low mileage for an Arizona vehicle.
  3. Judoka

    Trailer For Sale

    $1500.00 OBO The trailer: custom built aluminum and Stainless steel ( yes it shines up to a mirror finish; but with a busted up hand I can't do it). Axle is #3000 lb without brakes. Completely water tight, and very solid. It towed like a dream all the way accross the country without any...
  4. Judoka


    I have an offroad trailer which has served me well for many many miles behind the Jeep. I had a situation come up and I must sell this trailer THIS WEEK! The larger wheels and tires are gone with the TJ Wrangler, but these tires are good and are no problem to run cross country at highway speeds...
  5. Judoka


    As strange as it may seem this is just now becoming a concern of mine, even though I picked up my first RTT more than 5 years ago! What do you do when a storm rolls in with lightning? I think I just did not deal with very many thunderstorms when I lived out in Arizona, but here in Kentucky we...
  6. Judoka


    I got this Premium Soft Top when I got my wife her Rubicon 10A. We put the Soft Top on to check fit for about a week, but took it off and just kept the Hard Top on. So this is seriously like new! No scratches, scuffs or marks. DUST. That is all that is wrong with this top. It has been in...
  7. Judoka

    2013 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited PREMIUM Soft Top

    I have Like in it was on the jeep to see how it looked and them the Hard Top put back on...PREMIUM Soft Top for a JKU that came with my 2013 Rubicon 10A. All hardware is included of course. there is not a scratch or anything on it. I want to get $650 out of it and you pay shipping. I...
  8. Judoka

    Tundra.... Would you switch from a new Ram Powerwagon?

    I am asking this simple question, Should I switch my expedition Rig from a 2014 Power Wagon to a 2015 Tundra? Why? Facts and insight please, not biased opinion alone. Thanks!:victory:
  9. Judoka

    Mopar is bringing something new to Expo!

    If you don't already know Ram will be launching the REBEL at Overland Expo West this year. BUT... You will also see another release this year that Ram has not announced! I saw it yesterday and I gotta say, I want one! See you all there! I will be working the AEV booth so stop and say hello! Scott
  10. Judoka

    Suburban Opinions Please

    I am buying a 1990 GMC Suburban V2500 with a 350TBI. I want to lift it 3-4 inches for more ground clearance because of the length and break over . I don't want blocks. I want full leaf springs. Dropping hangers is not really an option either. I am looking for a bolt-on suspension kit. What...
  11. Judoka

    Jeep Trailer Offroad ready $650

  12. Judoka

    Hardigg type cases Underwater Kinetics

    OK, I have a few of these transport boxes which are every bit the quality of Pelican cases. Just look them up. These have relief valves, silicone gaskets and are strong enough to park a car on! YES, I did test that theory on one of the ones in my setup. I will find a link to see them new. I...
  13. Judoka

    WANTED: Roof Rack Jk-Unlimited

  14. Judoka

    Time To Represent

    I am plannin to make it out to the So Cal Rendezvous in March and I would love to get some cyclists together to do a little exploring! See . So, c'mon fellow cycling enthusiasts, meet me out there and let's ride a...
  15. Judoka

    Cross Country In a Jeep... Sore back will certainly follow!

    It all started because my diesel had started to have some basic mechanical issues; not the least of which was that my expensive off road tires seemed to be picking up a lot of screws lately, and replacing 6 tires to the tune of $350.00 each was just not in the budget at that time! Add a brake...
  16. Judoka

    Cabover campers- Questions

    I am thinking about puting a full size cabover camper into the bed of my 94 K3500 Diesel Duely. This truck was set up to pull a big heavy 5th wheel so I have airbag assist too. I am kind of wondering about how it would handle offroad if I di go this rout. I imagine I will lose a lot of...
  17. Judoka

    Suburban build out guidance and opinions

    Ok, here it is.. I have a 97 K1500 Chevy Suburban that I am thinking of building up for Overland. 5.7L Vortech (probably a swap later down the road). I now have stock drivetrain, but lifted with a crappy lift 4" with 33x12.5x17s on the 6 lug pattern. This rig is not a crawler, so I only need to...