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  1. DallasJKU

    Trailgater Tailgate Table for JK $250

    I'm selling my Trailgater because I just don't use it enough. Might have used it twice. Local Dallas pickup only. $250
  2. DallasJKU

    Tembo Tusk Skottle

    I decided to go a different way with my cooking setup. I took this out of the box and assembled it, but never used it. Sometimes these are on backorder. It comes with everything pictured except the gas canisters. I would prefer local pickup. These sell for $275 plus shipping. I think I paid...
  3. DallasJKU

    My White JKU Expedition Build

    I have had many vehicles in the last 4 years since selling my TJ. I have owned a '09 GLI, '10 FJ, '10 GTI, '12 Xterra, '13 CC and now a 2013 JKU Sport. I have been searching for the ultimate fun and expedition vehicle with some VW"s sprinkled in. I always said I would never own the new JK...