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    WTB: Maps of Central America Countries

    Title says it,,,, Anyone have a map set for sale? Thanks
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    What Are Radio Operators Using In Mexico, Central and South America?

    Can't find good info anywhere. 2m, 70cm ? Hopefully some ExPo members that have traveled these regions can provide some insight. Thanks!
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    For Sale Unimog 404 Tire Chains - Austin, Texas

    Set of 4 like new chains that were included with a 404 I bought. Super heavy. Located in Austin, Texas. Buyer welcome to pick up or pay shipping. $150 USD
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    Ford V-10 Owners: Trans Coolers, Oil Coolers ?

    Soon to be transforming a 23' E450 Class B+ RV with a UJoint 4x4 conversion. RV is a 2003 Triton V-10. Wet weight will be about 12,000 lbs. I have no experience with this motor. Is an aftermarket trans or oil cooler needed? I ask because this rig will see bad road / rough road use at slower...
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    Where Would Your Travel Most Likely Take You To In The Next 10 Years?

    Where would you most likely travel to in the next 10 years?
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    POLL: Choice of Cab When Purchasing/Building Expedition Camper

    I anticipate my first build will not be my last so I want to consider the resale market for moving on to my next project. This will be a commercially made rig not DIY. All components and cabin will be top shelf. Please pardon my multiple polls on this subject but if you will take just a...
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    2015 Ford Ranger 2.5 Diesel CC, Winch, Body Protection. $23,000 USD

    Must be exported outside of the EU. This makes me sick I can't own of of these in the US or Deutschland. Any ideas??????
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    Overland Communication Question

    Question to gauge usefulness in my situation - Not interested in Ham as a hobby - Interested in 2m and 70 cm - No interest in advancing beyond Tech license - Travel will be with wife on mid level difficulty 4x4 touring roads in the western states, Canada, Yukon, Alaska, and Mexico/Central...
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    Light Duty Off Highway 4x4 B+ Camper

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    2001 Land Rover 130 Crew Cab Truck Camper

    I am in Germany now where I live 50% of the time and the other 50% in the US. I was checking out Auto Scout 24 for vehicles and this caught my eye. I want to state here that I am not familiar with Land Rover's in general but this looks like a cool rig. Mission for my next exped vehicle...