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  1. Oni

    Stoked about the new Gofast camper

    Hondo. What kind of lock/closure will be on the back window/door of the camper? I am generally disappointed with the security of most camper shell rear doors. Really like the product so far and will be watching closely. Looks like my cousins Ursa Minor camper for his Jeep. I really like...
  2. Oni

    Bullet's Day Out

    There was a thread on another forum I'm on that a member posted a film made by his brother about the culture of Royal Enfield's in India and a shop that works on them. It was a cool film, but I couldn't find it. Very passionate shop keeping the Royal Enfields road worthy
  3. Oni

    My Journey

    Enjoyed your report. Glad your new friends are okay! The devastation is terrible.
  4. Oni

    Pirelli may become Chinese owned

    Damn. I like my MT-21. When it wears out I'll shop elsewhere.
  5. Oni

    The Military has its advantages. Texas to Anchorage and everything in between

    Stop here if you get the chance: AF Vet who PCS'ed years ago and never left. He drove up in winter in his car too. Said he stopped to in process and had to wait until spring to get his car started again LOL.
  6. Oni

    A look at Four Wheel Campers!

    Awesome ! I hope to have a new FWC next year. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Oni

    The TARDIS - A Four Wheel Camper Build

    Hmmm, I must have missed the earlier post. I thought I read through the whole thread...numerous times. :) Thanks again! Mounting it backwards probably helped with the aerodynamics too I'd think. I think that will be one of the features of my future Hawk. Sure beats waving a handheld...
  8. Oni

    The TARDIS - A Four Wheel Camper Build

    Nathanael When you get a chance, can you post more details on the install of your Go Light? That's a great idea! Bet it's handy for finding a campsight at night!
  9. Oni

    The TARDIS - A Four Wheel Camper Build

    Awesome! Can't wait to hear about the maiden voyage of The Tardis! Out of curiosity, what do you think about Phoenix campers? I'm going back and forth between a Phoenix and a FWC Hawk. I've seen the FWC a couple of times at shows and like them, but also like being able to customize a Phoenix.
  10. Oni

    Portugal 2012 with our Uro-Camper Cabin.

    Nice looking campers.
  11. Oni

    Off-Road Expo in Pomona, CA (Oct. 6th & 7th)

    I'll be there to check out all the goodies! :drool:
  12. Oni

    Mojave Road... Freedom to Live

    Nice report, that RTT is really nice!
  13. Oni

    The TARDIS - A Four Wheel Camper Build

    Have you thought of using safety wire? Scroll down to safety wire starter kit. Used a lot for racing motorcycles. Maybe safety wire the turnbuckle body to something so it can't spin.
  14. Oni

    The TARDIS - A Four Wheel Camper Build

    Boy, it's coming along nicely!!! Nice to actually see it in progress! Gives me tons of ideas for when I finally get mine!
  15. Oni

    Four Wheel Campers display in Long Beach this week / weekend

    See you there!!! :) Going to the show Saturday just to see the campers!
  16. Oni

    Real life MPG numbers wanted.

    Hey Kevin What kind of mileage are you getting with your Tundra and pop up? That's the route I'm planning on going. Wanna take my kid to the National Parks and camping all over the place.
  17. Oni

    New FWC layout - what do you think?

    Info for the Long Beach show? When is it? :wings:
  18. Oni

    The TARDIS - A Four Wheel Camper Build

    How many hours now? :coffeedrink:
  19. Oni

    Doc's AT FlipPac Build Thread

    That first picture is spectacular!!!
  20. Oni

    The TARDIS - A Four Wheel Camper Build

    WHAT? Finally!!! Way cool, looking forward to seeing your build. Have been following with interest, along with printing out various pages for future reference!