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  1. bas157

    E450 4x4 Diesel Ambulance

    This popped up in one of the Ford groups I'm in on Facebook. Seems like it might be pretty cool for someone. No idea if a decent price for what it is or not? This is an excellent 4×4 Type III Braun Ford E450...
  2. bas157

    Old school Ford overlander (with boat on the roof!)

    thought this truck for sale on Bring-A-Trailer was pretty cool: Looks to be in great shape and the boat on the overhead rack is crazy. All set for old school overlanding with the setup in the bed.
  3. bas157

    Anderson Connectors (SB350)

    I have 6 Anderson SB350 connectors for sale for 2/0 cable. Brand new in the box Good for hooking up invertors, winches, battery packs (often seen on forklifts) They are grey and will only hook up to other gray or the keyless black connectors. $10 each plus shipping. Would prefer to sell them...
  4. bas157

    50' x 1/2" synthetic winch line extension (Superwinch) - brand new - SOLD

    SOLD SOLD SOLD Superwinch 50 foot long, 1/2 inch diameter Dyneema synthetic winch extension line. Brand new, still sealed in bag Lightweight, easy to store. If you need a longer winch line, this will give you 50 more feet of reach for you winch! Price is $200. Will cost you at least...
  5. bas157

    Diamondback aluminum truck bed cover

    Diamondback SE truck bed cover with black Line-X coating Fits 1999 to 2007 Ford Superduty F-250/F-350 long bed (8' bed) . If you're not familiar with these, these is rated to hold 400 pounds on top of it and have 4 cleats for securing your cargo on top of it. The front and back sections open up...