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  1. Bennyhana

    Center axle disconnect

    I haven't heard a whole lot from people having maintenance issues with the current CAD. But, i do think it's a weak spot in the drivetrain. Ram claims it's to aid in fuel mileage but it's just one of those over-engineered add ons that makes things more complicated than need be. I had a 94 chevy...
  2. Bennyhana

    Power Wagon common problems? Best years?

    The biggest downside, if any on the 6.4 powerwagons is the mileage and range. I'm averaging about 13mpg and 300+ miles per tank. But the crappy mileage is worth it to me.
  3. Bennyhana

    2014 Ram Powerwagon

    You know, I'm still trying to find the sweet spot with these tires. I haven't had the TPMS threshold lowered yet so the light goes on at 60psi. I had the fronts down to 45 and the rears down to 55 and it was doing ok, felt comfy but then I went in to have the tires rotated and balanced. The shop...
  4. Bennyhana

    2014 Ram Powerwagon

    No rubbing at all with 35's. These trucks even make 35's look a little small. I was fortunate enough to get the spare in the stock location too. As for sliders, I wish....that's about the only thing really missing from these trucks.
  5. Bennyhana

    2014 Ram Powerwagon

    Been awhile since I've logged onto the portal. I guess I took a break from forums in general. I recently traded in the Jeep and now back in the fullsize game. Went whole hog and picked up a Powerwagon. So far I've installed a Tracrac system to haul my kayaks, blacked out the grill and...
  6. Bennyhana

    Temp fridge/freezer mount in a Ram 1500 crew cab?

    Here's what I did. I had the mount board left over from another build so I added a little hook that hooks under the child seat loop in the middle. Then I added two tie down D-rings on the outside of the cup holder on the floor. I added a leg to the front of the tray and tigghtened down a couple...
  7. Bennyhana

    Main Line Overland JK Build Thread

    I was reading this without looking who posted. I almost sent you the link..
  8. Bennyhana

    AEV & ARB front bumper Crush cans question

    The bumpers on JK's don't have sensors for the "crush cans" in the bumpers. You can cut the cans off on the stock bumper and the air bags will still go off in an accident.
  9. Bennyhana


    We've had them for a few years and while they are nice and comfy for the kids they are Heavy! Ideal for camps where you are staying for more than a night. Breaking them down always ends up getting frustrated at getting the "discs" off the metal poles. You are always sweating by the time you are...
  10. Bennyhana

    CopperCon Build

    Let me know when you want to get out and get it dirty! Itchin to hear that exhaust.
  11. Bennyhana

    JKU in floor OBA and cargo floor project

  12. Bennyhana

    "Bruce" the 2014 Jeep JKUR Build Thread

    I'm pretty sure that dent is ther from the factory. Mine has it as well.
  13. Bennyhana

    CopperCon Build

    It looked nice in the sun today. Definetley the only one that color running around town. It's going to be cool seeing how this one progresses. I really want to hear how that exhaust sounds.
  14. Bennyhana

    Mounting ideas for TRED/Maxtrax/etc. Saw this today on youtube.
  15. Bennyhana

    Jeep combat poaching in Africa

    For a sec there I was wondering what combat poaching was...
  16. Bennyhana

    strange clunk sound

    My old 07 had a clunk in the front that turned out to be a loose front shock.
  17. Bennyhana

    Rig w/ boat Pics

    Took advantage of some great weather to get the kids out on our new Kayaks. Still working on a real rack for my little 416.
  18. Bennyhana

    Most economical way carry two to five gallons of extra fuel on a JK.

    I've found that a trasharoo will hold a full 5 gallon can with no problem. Used it to haul one on a trail run worked like a champ.
  19. Bennyhana

    Fridge Setups .. Batteries and more Q's

    I have the same set-up. 2013 JKU, stock battery and the ARB 50qt. I don't run my fridge in the jeep non stop but I've left it in the jeep almost all summer. The longest I've gone without starting was 3 days. The fridge did turn itself off and the Jeep started ok. I'd say I'm tempting fate but so...
  20. Bennyhana

    New JK Stubby Bumper from ARB

    Here's a pic of the ARB and stock tires. I do run wheel spacers to fill out the fender wells.