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  1. Stouttrout


    After 5 years my Werker 12v 100AH Sealed lead Acid Batteries have died out. I have two mounted inside the Stealth Cargo camper. I am wondering what you guys are using and like. Do you think it is necessary to go with a SLA battery since it is inside the camper? I had Morning Star PS15...
  2. Stouttrout

    Charity RoofTop Trailer build

    Hi, My Name is Dan, I am the President of a small 501c3 Charity called Wheelers for the Wounded-Tx. Our main goal is to take active wounded out offloading and camping. Every year I try to come up with fun fundraiser to do. This year we are building a Roof Top Tent camping Trailer. I have...
  3. Stouttrout

    Offroad style Popup for sale - SE Texas

    A/C Clean, great shape. I have pulled this with a TJ, LJ, JK and a JKU. Sits low enough you feel little to no drag. No idea of weight but easy to pull. Full size beds, sink , stove, AC, $2700 firm. This started out as an 8 foot box. The trailer was built and the camper was set on top of it. it...
  4. Stouttrout

    Stealth Camper Build

    Realizing that an offroad Teardrop will be to small for the 3 of us I have decided to take it a bit further. One day I will build one of my own designs but this will get it going much quicker and should work till i have more time. I got a 5x10 Enclosed trailer. Plan is to build a bunk for the...
  5. Stouttrout

    Siding- What is best value - best quality?

    We are in the planning stages of a camper build. we plan to build two campers on the front of gooseneck trailers. i have been doing alot of reading and seems like of of the major hurdles on this is the siding. Originally we wanted to go with a aluminum siding but not i am just not sure. The...
  6. Stouttrout

    Awnings Question

    I am thinking of putting an awning on the new build. What is everyone using? I have really cool retractable one on my Cabover But I imagine it too expensive. Any one using on of these?
  7. Stouttrout

    Got a RTT Now what? -- Questions

    Okay here is where I should start. I have built a few trailers and modified plenty. ALL heavy duty stuff. You know 5-7k axles, goosenecks etc. I tend to over build everything. I want to keep this light but durable. I plan to build someting similar to the Sherpa and measure about 4' x 6'...