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  1. DSouth

    What did you do to your Mitsubishi today?

    Swapped out Transfluid and filter in my 03 Limited.
  2. DSouth

    3rd Gen 4.9 Gear Part Num?

    Hello, I've tried searching here and elsewhere on the Internet for a Mitsubishi part number for 3rd Gen 4.9 gears, but I haven't found a definitive answer. Anyone here know what they would be? I'm looking to swap some 4.9's into my 2003 Limited.
  3. DSouth

    Monty Just Died. I think.....

    I agree with RyanY's post. On my 2003 Limited one of the spark plug ground electrodes broke off. It sounded quite terrible, and threw all kinds of codes and died on the freeway. Eventually, after replacing the plug and letting the engine idle for a bit the noise went away and it's been...
  4. DSouth

    Suspension Question (KYB Gas-A-Just)

    Thanks for the replies. I'm just shy of 200k miles and I recently did ball joints, but bushings are looking a bit tired. Thinking about going the Siberian urethane bushings from ADD route. Maybe grab some skids while I'm at it.
  5. DSouth

    Suspension Question (KYB Gas-A-Just)

    Hi All, Lately, I've noticed some severe shaking (up and down type motion) when driving. It's actually pretty scary. It usually manifests when driving on some sections of concrete freeways(60 freeway between 57 and 605, 91 in downtown Riverside etc) around Southern California. These sections...
  6. DSouth

    Yet another 3rd Gen Montero "Build", also story time!

    On that picture with your new gauge cluster, I see a 428 Mile estimated range on the range computer? Whoa! Is that a common value for you? I usually see 320.
  7. DSouth

    The "SoCal" Crew Thread

    Thanks for the responses guys! I heading out to Joshua Tree next Wed and wanted to get the timing belt done before that, but I think I'm going to just try and tackle it after I get back. I will however be trying out one of these recommendations on some other, less expensive work to see how it...
  8. DSouth

    The "SoCal" Crew Thread

    I know earlier in the thread there is a place in Van Nuys that lots of folks recommend. That's a bit too far for me, but maybe workable for you in Ventura?
  9. DSouth

    The "SoCal" Crew Thread

    Anybody have a recommendation for a good Mitsubishi mechanic in Orange County area? I wanted to see how much a timing belt job would run me, as I'm not sure I'll have time to do it myself.
  10. DSouth

    Burnt Rubber Smell Under Load

    Hi All, I've been trying to diagnose a strange smell on my 2003 Monty Limited. I usually smell it in the cabin with the drivers window down or the sunroof open, and am accelerating up a hill. Picture going on an uphill on ramp to a freeway. It also manifests itself when going up a long...
  11. DSouth

    Making Skid plates for my Gen 3

    +1 on the interest list. Making some for my rig has been on the list for a while, but somehow always gets pushed down.
  12. DSouth

    Gen3 Tire Size

    I went 265/75R16 LT (E Load Range) BFG KO2's on my 2003 and couldn't be happier. Mine spends plenty of time on-road as my DD and when it's time to hit he trails I love never worrying about my traction or tire durability.
  13. DSouth

    Gen III Range Per Tank

    I found a used gauge cluster on ebay for $120 shipped. I tried reflowing the solder on the resistors in the computer for the cluster a few times, but it never fixed the issue for very long(maybe a day or two). So, I decided to try a whole new(to me) computer, which just happened to be cheapest...
  14. DSouth

    Gen III Range Per Tank

    Thanks for the replies! I'm still sorting out some issues I'm having with regard to fill-ups, but it seems like my numbers aren't too far off from the average. It will be great to get the tank sorted out so that I can put in the fuel filler on full, walk away and come back to truely full tank...
  15. DSouth

    Gen III Range Per Tank

    Hi, After years of not working I finally got my gas gauge to work again in my 2003 Monty :wings:. Previously, I was using the range computer to estimate time to fill up, and would usually go about 250 miles between fill-ups doing mostly city driving. Now that I have a working gauge again it...
  16. DSouth

    SoCal Montero Meet-Up Saturday 3-25-17 @ 10:00-12:00

    Check out LKQ Pick-your-part in Monrovia. They have a 2003 that I was going to grab the airbox from(assuming it isn't already gone). If you happen to head up there, let me know, perhaps we can go together. I'm in North OC.
  17. DSouth

    A Cheap and Cheerful Build - Geoff

    I'll look forward to hearing your thoughts about how the 4600's ride.
  18. DSouth

    Another "Which Shock" Thread

    Thanks for all the feedback so far. Right now it's looking like a set of four Bilstein 4600 series shocks for $500 is the way to go. I'll keep my OE springs and maybe update them to Lovells at a later date.
  19. DSouth

    Another "Which Shock" Thread

    I know there are many existing threads on the topic of shocks already, but hopefully this community will indulge me one more. I have a 2003 Monty Limited. I put 265/75 BFG KO2's on it a awhile ago, and they're great. Since putting them on I've been using it more off road and the shocks are...
  20. DSouth Gen 3 build

    Nicely done!