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  1. DSouth

    3rd Gen 4.9 Gear Part Num?

    Hello, I've tried searching here and elsewhere on the Internet for a Mitsubishi part number for 3rd Gen 4.9 gears, but I haven't found a definitive answer. Anyone here know what they would be? I'm looking to swap some 4.9's into my 2003 Limited.
  2. DSouth

    Suspension Question (KYB Gas-A-Just)

    Hi All, Lately, I've noticed some severe shaking (up and down type motion) when driving. It's actually pretty scary. It usually manifests when driving on some sections of concrete freeways(60 freeway between 57 and 605, 91 in downtown Riverside etc) around Southern California. These sections...
  3. DSouth

    Burnt Rubber Smell Under Load

    Hi All, I've been trying to diagnose a strange smell on my 2003 Monty Limited. I usually smell it in the cabin with the drivers window down or the sunroof open, and am accelerating up a hill. Picture going on an uphill on ramp to a freeway. It also manifests itself when going up a long...
  4. DSouth

    Gen III Range Per Tank

    Hi, After years of not working I finally got my gas gauge to work again in my 2003 Monty :wings:. Previously, I was using the range computer to estimate time to fill up, and would usually go about 250 miles between fill-ups doing mostly city driving. Now that I have a working gauge again it...
  5. DSouth

    Another "Which Shock" Thread

    I know there are many existing threads on the topic of shocks already, but hopefully this community will indulge me one more. I have a 2003 Monty Limited. I put 265/75 BFG KO2's on it a awhile ago, and they're great. Since putting them on I've been using it more off road and the shocks are...
  6. DSouth

    Gen III 6G75 Engine Interchangability

    This may be a bit of stretch, but my 2003 Monty has spun a rod bearing and now has a horrible knock. It is not long for this world and I'm looking at options for used engines. According to wikipedia the 6G75 engine was used in: 2003–present Mitsubishi Pajero (aka Montero/Shogun)(Not...
  7. DSouth

    Orange County CA Independent Mitsubishi Mechanic?

    Hi All, I haven't yet had the cause to need a local Mitsu mechanic, but I am sure I will sometime and I wanted to maybe check out the options. Any recommendations in the Orange County California area?
  8. DSouth

    Running out of gas....with gas still in the tank

    Hi all, I think I may have a dieing fuel pump on my 2003 Limited, but I figured I would consult the hive-mind here before buying parts. Problem: Driving along and the engine starts to lose power, and die, and then come alive again. It does this for about 1 min, and then dies completely. I...
  9. DSouth

    How To: Adding a Cabin Filter to Gen III Montero

    For some as yet unknown reason Mitsubishi Motors decided not to equip US bound Gen III Monteros with a cabin filter, even though the Heater/Fan Box is designed to accept one. Instead they just left the blanking plate in sealing it off. I like to keep the dust out when I'm offroading so I...
  10. DSouth

    Montero Model Year/Generation Reference?

    In my quest for a new off-roader, I've been looking very closely at the Montero's. Problem is there really isn't a great single reference to what all the differences are between the years, and generations as far as US Spec Models are concerned. With that in mind I'd like your help in...