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    QX56 parts commonality with other nissans

    I’ve got a 2011 QX56 and know it’s the Y62/V62 based on the patrol same as the QX80 and 2017+ Armada with different bumpers and stuff but what commonality do these have with the older QX/Armada, Titan etc? Like would titan front lower control arms work on my QX. Skid plates winch bumpers and...
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    gen 3 3.8 P0335, P0340 after timing belt and valve cover gaskets, ECU? Or?

    P0335 crank position sensor circuit fault and P0340 cam position sensor circuit faults now after a timing belt job its a 2003 3.8 Full size montero. idles perfect, no sign that the belt jumped a tooth. Been through the grounds and connectors and cant see anything. reading up says both together...
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    Gen3 3.8 timing belt parts

    I haven't seen a good breakdown of the parts numbers. Looking at the timing belt kits out there for the 3.8, the Aisin TKM-005 looks like a good one but hard to source. Dealer is quite a bit more for OEM, but I've read that the Aisin kit doesn't come with the tensioner. So Dealer item there? Or...
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    3.8 low on power

    I have two NP's a 03 and a 06. I typically drive the 06. The other day I drove the 03 and realized my 06 is severely lacking in power. Like passing on the highway isn't possible sometimes. The 03 is very peppy. I can't remember if it started like this or just got slow. It downshifts 2 gears and...
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    Gen 3 evap system fumes smell

    My 2006 has a very strong fuel odor from the right rear. Nowhere else. Is from under the back not around the fuel filler. Looking at the manual and parts breakdown the evap charcoal canister is back there and has a fresh air valve to vent it. The tank has never been pressurized when I fill it...
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    Gen 3 cats/downpipes

    My 06 has a bad cat. What is the difference between the 3.5 and 3.8 headers and downpipes? What options are there as far as replacement tube headers? Australia has some but is there any in the us? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Gen3 side plastic color ideas

    After both trucks getting hit, constant parking lot scrapes and doors taking the paint off, I'm ready to try something else. What options are out there as far as pant for the side plastic trim on Gen3's? I'm not really ready to commit to rhino liner but something tough that I could touch up...
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    Gen 3 cruise control trouble shooting

    My 06 recently had the cruise control quit. First it wouldn't turn on i.e. The cruise light wouldn't turn on. Now the cruise light is on all the time. Won't turn off. No functions work. I already made sure the brake lights work and the trans shifts fine and the Torque converter still locks up...
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    06 full size rear heater pipes?

    A rock or debris took out a plastic pipe behind the transfer case. I can't tell what part goes where and it feels like a T broke off. Does any one have a pic of the way it is supposed to be so I can modify it or find some universal piece to get me home. I will investigate more tomorrow when it...
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    My gen 3 thread

    Finally found a light colored gen 3 2006 white with 163k on it. All options I believe except rear dvd. So far only things it needs worked through are: 2100 rpm shutter/vibration occasionally Balance the tires, they are cheapo ones Tach loose connection Add aux input for radio Left rear...
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    Gen 2.5 strong gas vapor smell when filling

    After i fill up, the car smells super strong like fumes inside, goes away when you air it out. I keep the doors closed and it still smells. Is there a vent back near the tail light on that side of the car that might be stuck open? Like behind the quarter panel and tail light? Sent from my...
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    Gen2.5 cruise control switch on steering wheel

    Cruise is currently not working. Tested the switch on the steering wheel via the connector under the column. Get continuity only when the cancel part is pulled. No resistance on any other action. Am I not testing this right? Manual says the other functions should feed a voltage around 5 to the...
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    Gen 2.5 pas pump tensioner pulley

    Is there a crossover part for the power steering belt tensioner pulley? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Looking for a part? Try this resource Gen 1 Gen 2/2.5 Gen 3 Sport...
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    Swapped out the Monomax shocks on my truck for some kyb gas a just. Fronts where white rears, one came white (in a old old kyb box) and one came grey (in a much newer kyb box that matches the fronts). Ordered another (Amazon) so they would match and got another grey. So I'll send the white one...
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    Land Rover 1" lift spacers, d1/RRC spring retainer

    1" aluminum black anodized spring spacer for rovers. High quality. Fits rear, may fit front of something other than a d2. $45 shipped obo Brandy new spring retainers for a d1/RRC/whatever else. $12 shipped for both. Please pm me also if interested. Thanks! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Quick Fist Clamps

    2 new in package Quick Fist Clamps. Made in USA too. P/N 20020 2.5-9.5" 10.95 each on Amazon prime plus tax. Will do $16 shipped USPS Priority for both.
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    Genuine Land Rover Defender rear work lamp

    Nearly new Defender rear work lamp. Land Rover RTC8921AA No box and missing the wiring harness (just a long wire, no relay), switch is on back of light. Missing the backing plate for bolting through the body on a defender. One hole drilled in the bracket to mount to a Disco SD rack. Mounted and...
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    Discovery 2 brush bar mounting hardware, roof rails

    New never used hardware brackets 2 sets Complete set 70 shipped Set missing bolts etc 55 shipped D2 roof rails in great condition. No flaking or peeling. Nothing ever mounted to them, still has foam seals on them. $55 shipped Make offers too. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Discovery 2 3" front springs, goodridge stainless brake lines +4"

    D2 3" ish front lift springs. Sat nearly level with a rte bumper and winch and ome 781 springs and 1.25" spacers and d1 spring pads (a tad over 3" lift) these are the coveted Range Rover classic police spec rear springs red/white. NRC4304 170in/lbs. supposedly good on defenders too. Excellent...