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    Ford Tremor Fighter...2022 Silverado ZR2

    I don't know, it looks pretty damn good to me. N/A V8, 10 speed, Dual Lockers, etc.
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    What would you do? Chevrolet Silverado died

    Well, it looks like the time has come to make a hard decision on my 2008 silverado. A few thousand miles ago my oil pressure sending unit went out, got it replaced, and yesterday I got the low oil light again. Took it to the same place thinking it was the same thing, and it looks like the motor...
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    Nice Van, if you have some SERIOUS $$$$! I do like the the simpler vans they build, but holy crap on the sticker shock of this one.
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    And the reason why Ram didn't stick with Cummins is? New Fronteir Pro-4x Could be a great overland platform.... I wish the 1/2 ton Ram would have stuck with Cummins.
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    So...why can't I build a GX460?

    So, why dosent anyone build these? I'm pretty sure 10+ 4runner parts would swap over, and aren't bumpers built for these under Prado 150? I was thinking about a 200, but these can be had for much cheaper. I like the 4 runner, but I love the v8, interior, and awd. What am I missing? Wait till I...