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    Wanted small toy hauler PNW

    I’m looking for a toy hauler in the Pacific NW. Area Dry Weight less than 5000 pounds. $10,000 or less. There are several weekend warrior models that fit that criteria. Fleetwood makes a small gearbox. Would also consider hard sided travel trailer with cargo rack on the front of it. If you find...
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    off road trailer Idaho $2500 Not mine Hello Adventurers, I have for your viewing pleasure a custom manufactured off-road trailer. This trailer was built with the intent of using it for those hard to get to places. It has six large cabinets and two long upper cabinets. The...
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    1990 mini bus ford 460 4x4 idaho

    Not mine just found it while browsing. 1990 E-350 4×4 Bus. Was a CART Bus. 460 motor, runs great. I've used it for a make shift camper a few times. I also have holding tanks,sinks,and a propane tank from a motorhome that could be put on it...
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    I'm scared; transistion from 06' taco to 100 series, counsel me.

    I purchased my truck brand new right off the delivery truck. I have poured thousands into upgrades. It's the best vehicle I have ever owned. Now We are expecting our 3rd child. I might be able to squeeze them all in but we aint done having kids(just getting started!). I vowed to never sell my...
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    Samurai vs sidkick/tracker

    I am not looking to make a monster truck or crawler. I just want to tow bar it behind my motorhome and use it as a "poor mans utv." I have little kids and more on the way. If I could buy a 4 seater rzr I would. I have been scouring the internet for both and they all seem around $2-4k. some...
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    Japanese mini trucks...freaking awesome.

    Is there a forum or thread on here already that I am missing. Anyone with info please chime in and help me out. They are awesome! 4x4 with Hi/lo. some with electric...
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    mounting a roof rack system on a motorhome??

    I have no idea where to secure a roof rack on my motorhome. 1971 dodge c class. There is no ladder currently. I was thinking the strongest part would be the edges but I'm not sure. I don't want to start drilling holes all over my roof since these things are prone to keaking as it is! I plan on...
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    CB radio mounting help pics please.

    I have very little knowledge of cb radios. I purchased a, 18' RG-58/U Coaxial Cable With Pl-259 Connectors, 3' FIRESTICK II TUNABLE TIP BLACK, and Firestik SS-3H Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Antenna Spring. I have no idea how to hook this stuff up or where to put it. I was thinking of putting the...
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    2006 ktm Super enduro 950r $7900 Boise

    Akrapovic KTM Titanium EVO Exhaust , scotts steering damper triple clamp kit, Kaoko Throttle Lock Cruise Control, black dog skid plate and kickstand relocator, custom sasquatch built suspension, touratech rear rack and passenger heat shield, trail tech HID light, renthal fat bars, BMC High Flow...
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    Mini fuse block for extras help

    Blue sea product seems to be the most popular but it does not come in "mini ATM." I prefer to not use 2 different fuses for my truck. I want to keep it all the same. I like the quality and the cover on the blue sea, I also like running one big fat wire to the block that powers the fuses. is...
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    How to fix broken yakima or thule box rack CHEAP!!

    Want a Rocket box but don't have $500? I just picked up a Yakima rocket box on craigslist for $50 that was damaged in a parking garage. IT had some pieces missing and some pretty bad cracks and holes. I was able to repair it with the method in this video(this is not me)...
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    05+ Tacoma Yakima roof rack. bars, towers and clips used. $150

    I used this set up on my truck 1 time and now have no use for it. It includes Q towers clips and cross bars. Everything is in excellent shape and pops on and off relatively easy. It has keys and locks on the towers. Will fit all crew cab 05+ tacomas. . Blessings! (I REPEAT IT DOES NOT include...
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    WTB: 05+ taco stock roof rack

    I was hoping to find one off of a totaled or wrecked tacoma dbl cab.
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    My 1st gen Lifetime Tent trailer!

    This is in Succor creek Oregon. I added a beefy 6ft square tubing to the tongue and a battery box up front with 2 6 volt deep cycles golf cart batteries.
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    05+ taco dbl cab seat cover options.

    I am trying to get a seat cover for the back seat that will allow me to still use the storage back there. All the generic seat covers limit me folding one seat up at a time or folding 1 seat down at a time. And they also don't allow the armrest to pop down either. Thanks guys!
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    EBC greenstuff 7000 with 3GD sport rotors 06' Taco

    Just showing off some new brakes I have! I did alot of research before I ended up with this set up. It was not cheap at all but the tacoma lacks in the braking dept. So it was worth every penny!
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    Design help, quick connect over bed basket.

    I have a yakima load warrior roof rack that I would like to be able to "snap in and out" of the bed of my truck. I want it to be over the bed and involve the track system although it does not need to slide. I don't want it very tall either within 8 inches of the bed? It is only going to carry...
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    Hella 500 wire is hot 2 touch? help

    I have 2 sets of Hellas' up front on my rig. one set is the 500ff and the other is just the 500's. I swapped out both sets with 100 watt bulbs. The red power wire coming from the battery will burn your fingers if you touch it. One of the fuse housings partially melted. According to Hella you can...
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    CBradio , MURS, firstik... Where do I start? Help.

    I have a handheld midland 75-785 cb radio and need to know why or if I should upgrade. I have been looking into the MURS Hand Held Two-Way Radio, M538-HT, and a firestik 3ft or 4ft. I don't really know anything about radio stuff. I don't want to spend a billion dollars and don't want to start...
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    WTB stock Tacoma roof rack. dbl cab. 05+

    I need the stock unit. I have a yakima rack but want to change to the stock set up for light loads.