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    Rattle can truck bed coating

    I made a bed rack and used the Rustoleum Truck bed coating. I've read that the Truck Bed coating is popular for armor. So, I thought I would give it a try. I like the finish of it. But, I'm not happy with the durability of it. It scratches down to the primer very easily. I know prep is...
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    adjustable bed rack

    Has anybody made an adjustable bed rack? I want to make a bed rack for my '97 Tacoma with the crossbars being able to slide forward and backward.
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    rear shock length question

    I am finally biting the bullet and ordering the Bilstein 5165 for the rear of my '97 Tacoma 4WD, 2.5" lift front and rear. I have found two Black Friday deals for two different length shocks. After measuring the suspension travel, the closest length is a 9.8" travel 5165 (14.6 collapsed and...
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    crossbar width for Yakima basket and 2 bikes

    Anybody have a Yakima Loadwarrior with a bike rack on each side of it? I am wondering how long of crossbars I need to do this.
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    Bilstein 5125/5165 valving for Tacoma

    Going to be ordering the Bilstein 5165 for my '97 Tacoma 4WD V6. The truck is pretty much stock, except for the 2.5" lift. I am replacing the 5100/5125 that I have on it now with the 6112/5165. I don't know what the valving is of the 5125. I am wondering if anybody can recommend which valving I...
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    Thinking about relocating the shocks on my 1st gen Tacoma

    I am going to be getting new rear shocks, soon. My '97 Tacoma is lifted about 2.5" front and rear. I have been thinking about relocating the rear shocks to have them both behind the axle. So, I figured now is the time to do it if I am going to do it. How many of you have the shocks relocated or...
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    Bilstein 5165 vs 7100

    I am swapping out the 5100 and 5125 on my '97 Tacoma 4WD to the Bilstein 6112 in the front. I am looking into getting the 5165 for the rear, but it was suggested to me to get the 7100's, since they are basically the same as the 5165, but are revalveable, rebuildable and have a short body option...
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    Proper shock length

    I cycled my rear suspension on my '97 Tacoma with the shocks off and took some measurements, because I will be getting new shocks, eventually and I want to make sure I get the correct ones. The truck is lifted about 2.5" all the way around and has custom Deaver leaf packs in the rear. The...
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    aftermarket temp gauge not reading correctly

    I installed an Autometer electric trans temp gauge on my Tacoma. The sender is located in the trans pan. The gauge has been installed for a couple of years or so. But, lately it's been reading higher than the actual temp. For instance, on a cold start up, it would read below 100* and when it...
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    Ignition cylinder issue.

    Not sure if this the right spot to ask this. I have a ,97 Tacoma 4WD, auto. Sometimes, the ignition cylinder wouldn't turn to the off position, unless I disconnected the battery. I have replaced the ignition cylinder with a new aftermarket one, which needed to be replaced, anyway, because...
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    looking for a drone

    I am new to drones and looking to purchase my first one. Seems like a lot of drones are used while out exploring, so I figured I would ask here. I would love a DJI drone, either a Phantom or a Mini Pro, but those are way out of my price range. Just wondering if anyone uses cheaper drones and...
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    Telescoping rack question

    I'm building a telescoping rack on my trailer. When the rack is fully lifted how much of the inner tubimg should still be inside the outer tubing? I think my lower upright tubing will be 3' tall and the rack will be 5' total.
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    Digressive or progressive shocks

    Which do you guys use? I have the Bilstein 5100/5125 front/rear and just got the Bilstein 6112. Both are digressive. But, got to thinking about progressive shocks and wondered which one people prefer and why.
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    cb antenna and mount location

    I just purchased a Cobra 75WXST for my '97 Tacoma. I am wondering what antennas do you guys use and where do you have them mounted. I am leaning towards mounting it on a bed rear light bar that is mounted on top of the bed rails. But, I am thinking that I might need to get a no plane ground...
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    L track on 1st gen tacoma floor?

    Anyone install a l track system on the floor of a first gen Tacoma? I'm wondering if it will fit between the bed rails and flush with them. I have a bed cover on, so I can't take any measurements.
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    Rear bumpstops measurement

    I need to get new bumpstops for my Tacoma. I've been looking into the DuroBumps on I've been reading good things about them and people seem to like them better than the Wheelers SuperBumps. Their customer service seems good, also, so far by answering my questions. My...
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    Bump stop measurement

    I want to get new bump stops and i think my stock bump stops are too short now on my '97 Tacoma 4WD. I am looking into the Durobumps 4.25". I lifted the rear about 2.5" with rearched Deaver OEM replacement leafs and installed 10" shocks in the stock shock locations. How do I measure for the...
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    Wheeler's Sumperbumps vs Durobumps

    I've been wanting to get the Wheelers Superbumps, but came across the Durobumps. I have read nothing but good things about the Superbumps and people really like them. Also, have read nothing but good things about the Durobumps. Just wondering if anyone knows the difference between the two?
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    Icon's vs Bilstein 6112.

    I currently have the Bilstein 5100s front and 5125s on the rear of my 97 Tacoma 4WD. I am going to need to replace my shocks and struts, soon. I have been been looking into upgrading to the Icon's front and rear, but been looking into the Bilstein 6112's, lately since they are cheaper. But I'm...