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  1. broncot

    Tonneau cover for 4x6 homemade trailer?

    Anyone found a decent tonneau cover for a trailer? I don't want to go custom, looking for alternatives to making a hinged plywood lid for my trailer.
  2. broncot

    Rhino Rack Oztent Foxwing tension strap

    I bought a used Foxwing locally for $250 along with an extension. Good shape, but it's missing the tension strap, I set it up with a piece of rope. Where can I get a strap or something equivalent?
  3. broncot

    MAN Truck expedition camper

    Wow, just wow....
  4. broncot

    Yakima SkyRise small rooftop tent with annex $750 Connecticut

    For sale is a used Yakima SkyRise rooftop tent with annex. This is the first generation SkyRise, size small, good for 1 or 2 people. I bought it second hand, the original owner claimed to have used it 4 or 5 times. I spent 6 nights in it last year and upgraded for 2022. I bought the annex and...
  5. broncot

    Homemade off road trailer

    Lurker here, first post. None of my trips match most of what I see on here, but 2021 marked a big escalation in my camping trips and adventures and I've plans to do more. After taking a trip with my daughter where my 2002 Nissan Xterra was fully packed and out off room, I began to consider an...