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  1. jrod420

    Linear Actuators - Anyone replace the Torsion with them?

    I have an old 1990 Starcraft with the heco torsion lift and It is really hard on the old roof. I would like to install 4 linear actuators in place of the Heco. My heco is slightly tweaked from an accident a previous owner had. Amazon has the actuators for just over 120 each, 12v, 24" stroke...
  2. jrod420

    Lift assist preload? Technique?

    I removed the roof from my 1993 starcraft pop up and the springs sprung during removal. I had forgot about the mechanism being preloaded so when it flung the wrench I was holding and tried to send my thumb with the wrench I realized that I would need some help figuring this out. How many turns...
  3. jrod420

    1993 Starcraft Roadmaster 850. Finally out camping.

    I will get some pictures up tonight illustrating the situation. I have a bad feeling about the chance for success with this repair. The front of the roof section has a small gap between the tin roof and the aluminum flashing that runs around the roof portion of the camper. Although there is...
  4. jrod420

    Replacement canvas suppliers for pop up camper. Starcraft.

    Looking for an outfit that supplies readymade replacement canvas for Starcraft pop-up Truck campers. I would like to order and install myself. I have googled this and keep getting responses from towbehind pop ups. Any help would be appreciated.