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  1. Ozark_Prowler

    Is a Land Cruiser really better off-road than a Tacoma? My experience says the opposite..

    TL;DR: Does a lighter 5 speed Tacoma have the advantage off-road or is a heavier Land Cruiser preferable for its durability? Which model has the greater drawbacks overall as a DD/weekend warrior? Pictured are the two rigs I've ran in the last year and a half or so. Obviously they both have...
  2. Ozark_Prowler

    Tired of Old Junk but no Interest in Newer 4x4s

    I'm tired of dealing with all the headaches associated with older 4x4 trucks like my current 1997 Land Cruiser and my old 1998 Tacoma. for some reason it seems like these older trucks are just endless moneypits and always cost an arm and a leg to fix. I like Tacomas, but the frames are junk and...
  3. Ozark_Prowler

    First Gen Tacoma: Extracab vs Single Cab?

    I'm looking at a few extracab Tacomas to replace my old single cab with a rusted frame. The extra space would be nice, but how much off-road capability would I be losing with the longer wheelbase (almost 20'' more)? I saw this thread on a popular forum claiming the shorter wheelbase regular...
  4. Ozark_Prowler

    2004 Tacoma vs. 1997 Land Cruiser: Long Term Ownership

    I've been discussing trading my '97 80 series for a cherry-looking 2004 Tacoma Xtracab 4x4 5 speed with the 3rz. It had the frame replaced at some point. 250k miles, but mostly highway according to the seller. I got the Land Cruiser recently and I was exciting given how legendary those things...
  5. Ozark_Prowler

    Is the FZJ80 worth it in today’s market?

    So I recently picked up a 1997 Land Cruiser for 8k. 226k, CDL only, minimal rust underneath (AR/MO truck). I knew all the issues it has going in: typical leaks, all rubber parts in the truck have seen better days, exhaust is deteriorating, fluids needed replacing, etc. It is a solid runner, but...