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    Charging a Jackery with a Renogy Solar suitcase

    I bought a Renogy Solar Suitcase recently to provide another source of charging for my trailer system, which already has roof mounted panels. I also have a Jackery 500, which I bought a while back for separate uses, and will most often be able to charge it off 110v at home or through my...
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    Portable Solar panels- DIY vs Solar Suitcase

    I have a 180 watt solar panel on my trailer's roof, connected to a PWM charge controller. My controller is rated to handle an additional 100 watt panel. I would like to add this as a portable panel so I can charge when parked in the shade, or have both panels going when parked in the sun, if...
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    Interesting CL Find

    Not mine but might be of interest to somebody.
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    Automatic cutoff for tire inflation

    Here is my situation. I tow a travel trailer on extended trips, often disconnecting for a few days at a time, and then driving my F150 on forest service roads and dirt tracks, as well as on pavement. This means I spend a lot of time airing my tires up and down, and I carry a Viair compressor...
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    Dash Ram Mount and USB hub extension

    I finally got around to mounting my iPad mini on a ram mount, bolted into the dash tray on a '15 F150. I installed a USB hub/ extension in the tray so I don't have wires running exposed down the dash. They tuck behind the dash trim, center console trim, and stub into the little compartment in...
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    Power supply to rear of Truck

    I have a 2015 Ford F150 with a 7 pin trailer plug and a travel trailer with 2 6v Trojan batteries for boondocking. Ford doesn't wire the 7 pin to do more than just keep a trickle charge, and I want to send more power to the trailer to give the batteries a heavier charge when driving- I want the...