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    Switching my life to "not Jeans". Can I get some recomendations for good NON JEANS

    From: Kuhl pants with an FJ40 as the backdrop
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    Robin the Fzj80

    Good improvising on a fun trip. Your rig looks great!
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    Old arb fridge?

    I have one, what's your question?
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    Designing a complicated power infrastructure, seeking inputs on my inputs and ouputs

    If you're still concerned about wire size negatively affecting the size / pulling power of your future winch purchase, you could always throw a snatch block in one of your drawers for peace of mind. The theory / benefits of using a snatch block...
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    [YEAR 7!] Quit our jobs, sold our home, gone riding...

    Gene, I don’t wish to sound too alarmist, but what do the edges of Neda’s mole look like? (Maybe you can post a picture.) She should have it checked as soon as possible and perhaps get a biopsy. On a more cheery note, I’ve enjoyed reading your adventure since its inception.
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    TrekboxX Drawer System Group Buy!!!

    Considering designing one for an FJ55 is such a narrow market, I totally understand. David, I appreciate your willingness to let me see your systems, as well as give me advice. Since I'm unable to come by until the end of the month, for now don't hold the Bravo aside. Since I have an ARB fridge...
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    TrekboxX Drawer System Group Buy!!!

    Wow, what a beautiful system! I understand the market would be small for the FJ55, but I'm not that geography far from you (other side of Folsom Lake) and am offering my Pig as a donor vehicle. I would be also be willing to help out after my boards at the end of the month.
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    CAMPTEQ's 80 Series Land Cruiser pop top Prototype

    Eric, I'm willing to let you use my pig for a prototype on an FJ55.