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  1. Blowby

    Bliss Mobil - Base Vehicle Advice

    Thanks for posting the renderings as that it exactly what I was interested in seeing and with those dimensions I will have to do some comparisons. With the rear lift added it definitely adds some length to the overall dimension from the rear axle.Love the Alcove idea and that definitely makes...
  2. Blowby

    Bliss Mobil - Base Vehicle Advice

    Congratulations on your purchase of a 13' Blissmobil! We have also been considering the 13' Bliss box or possibly an Earthcruiser.For the vehicle of choice for a Bliss we had been looking at either the Core chassis from Earthcruiser or the Straya from Acela,obviously these are gas powered and...
  3. Blowby

    2022 Ford F550 - DIY - Adventure Expedition Vehicle Build Thread

    Nice,will be following along and you have piqued my interest with the mention of a custom carbon fiber cabover!
  4. Blowby

    MAN Truck expedition camper

    No links yet from what I have seen, and he did mention that it was yet to appear on BAT as they tend to put new auctions on at there discretion.
  5. Blowby

    HELP TO FIND: 1#ADVENTURER 4 4x4 (2016-2020), 2# OVERLANDER f-550-4x4(2016-2021) Thankyouguys)

    That thing is a Beast, but I am amazed at how old fashioned the American RV market is.Look at any European RV and they are way ahead in regards to design.
  6. Blowby

    MAN HX60 Expedition Truck Build

    After seeing what it takes my buddies to get a Hotrod certified in NZ I reckon you did well considering the hoops you have to jump through to get any compliance.You must be quite happy seeing some progress,and it looks like the family is enjoying the adventure as well. I am sure you also get the...
  7. Blowby

    WTB Earthcruiser or similar

    A couple of Earthroamers on RV Trader
  8. Blowby

    Family of 4 moving to New Zealand

    Great to see your son has embraced the NZ way.(Barefeet)
  9. Blowby

    Where do you find these things in the US?

    Another one!
  10. Blowby

    Isuzu NRR / Acela Straya High-mobility 4×4 Cab-over Truck

    If the 13' Bliss is doable on a Core chassis,I would think this is definitely within its capabilities! I am guessing 65-70mph would be top speed with that gearing?
  11. Blowby

    Rocksea - EarthCruiser CORE Total Composites Build

    awheeler any updates on your build? Hopefully you are either counting the days or in possession of your Core and box.
  12. Blowby

    MAN HX60 Expedition Truck Build

    Very Cool!Will also be following along as I love these types of builds. Am also intrigued as being a fellow Kiwi it is fun to see what is being done at home considering the hoops you have to jump through!
  13. Blowby

    Propex 2211 Reset

    I have the 2211 and am able to reset through the controller.
  14. Blowby

    Generator ban in California?

    We are also in the Prosser neighborhood and outages are not uncommon, with our Honda generator we are able to survive quite comfortably and there is no way I would ever give it up!Unfortunately it is more about politics than common sense when it comes to these decisions and a lot of these...
  15. Blowby

    2007 EarthRoamer XV-LT ($245,000)

    We took a look at this rig while we were at SEMA at the end of October.It was located at a NIRVC (National Indoor RV Center)north of the strip up Interstate 15 closer to where the Motor Speedway is. They had a bunch of different RV,s that were on consignment, but the inside facility is primarily...
  16. Blowby

    Overall height of lifted van???

    Ok I went out and measured ours and it is 104" or 8'4" with 32"tires and with the weboost antenna down. Unfortunately ours will not fit in our garage which I would love. Hope this helps.
  17. Blowby

    Nimbl Evolution teaser

    I know when we talked to them at the Expo,they did mention that they were going to add another window above the kitchen area and were going to move the overhead storage from there to the other side near the entry door.
  18. Blowby

    ! SOLD ! : EARTHCRUISER #64 - BETTER THEN NEW - $334,900

    I was able to meet up with the seller of this great rig on Friday and it deserves a bump as it is in pristine condition and you could tell it has been well looked after.We are after a gasoline version and this fits the bill if you are after an extremely well maintained vehicle.Unfortunately my...
  19. Blowby

    ! SOLD ! : EARTHCRUISER #64 - BETTER THEN NEW - $334,900

    Are you in the camping area or at the Earthcruiser site. Thanks Roger
  20. Blowby

    Exterior Preservation (Keeping the Dang Thing Clean)

    Folk are mentioning Back to Black which I must say I have not had a lot of sucess with.What has worked for me for many years and is still my Go To restorer for plastic is Black Wow classic works like a charm and a small amount goes a long way.