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  1. Gren_T

    Engel MT35F Freezing when on low

    Hi All, does anyone here have experience with Engle fridges? I have an MT35F fridge that has started freezing everything even when set to low/ref. A quick check revealed it does not have a thermostat and the temperature control seems to be via the PSU can anyone confirm this or suggest a fix...
  2. Gren_T

    Recomendations for 4x4 hire or safari tour operator Tanzania 2019

    Hi all, can anyone recomend a 4x4 hire or safari tour operator for tanzania. we are looking to travel march 2019. thanks all Gren
  3. Gren_T


    hope this was no one here::snorkel: Regards all
  4. Gren_T

    Abenteuer Allrad show 2015

    Hi chaps just a few thoughts & photos from the Allrad show, apologies for poor quality photos as I left the charge lead for the Nikon at home, but managed take every other kind of usb lead available.:( A couple of gripes 1st, the show itself was excellent well organized and lots of variety as...
  5. Gren_T

    For Doug ..Dividing Creek

    Hey Doug... keeping it clean for you. feel free to come look next time you've jumped the puddle. looky but no touchy though.... regards.
  6. Gren_T

    A selection of Landys @ the Royal Geographic Society seminar york, UK

    just a small sample of the vehicles who turned up for the RGS summer seminar terrington school nr york UK.