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  1. Wyowanderer

    HAM Operators- Post up here

    WY0WDR WY0WDR Casper, Wyoming Yaesu 857D 10 M, 15M, 40M, 70cm
  2. Wyowanderer

    Water sources

    Cemeteries are my favorite.
  3. Wyowanderer

    1991 Ford Bronco buildup

    NAPA used to be able to provide ECU's, you might try them.
  4. Wyowanderer

    Thermal or standard fuse for hard-wired fridge power?

    You're partially correct: the fuse also protects the fridge's electronics in the event of reversed polarity. I've hardwired my fridge (MT-43) and installed the glass fuse using an inexpensive fuse holder like this: Cheap, easy...
  5. Wyowanderer

    French Wine Can for Gasoline?

    If you take that much wine, you must be a hoot to travel with.:sombrero:
  6. Wyowanderer

    Iris Weathertight storage containers

    I bought one of these at Sportsman's Warehouse/Casper several years ago, and another at Cabela's in Grand Junction two years ago. Certainly not as HD as a Hardigg case, but mine have served me very well, and live under the bed platform in my camper. One holds "dirty" stuff, including spare truck...
  7. Wyowanderer

    10 liter NATO fuel cans - anybody use 'em?

    I have a couple of these, I use them for fueling my two stroke engines with fuel/oil mix. I rarely need more than a couple gallons in a month and it makes better sense to me than mixing a full 5 gallons or dedicating a 5 gallon can to a fuel I use much less frequently. I'll be buying a couple 5l...
  8. Wyowanderer

    How Do I Clean Scepter MFC?

    A couple pounds of playground sand and enough water to make a slurry, shake shake shake, then a thorough rinse. If it still isn't out, use peagravel.
  9. Wyowanderer

    How to fix broken yakima or thule box rack CHEAP!!

    Nicely done. Good to see you repair it and put it back into service rather than throw it out.
  10. Wyowanderer

    Suspension Airbag Durability?

    I've had a set of Firestone bags on my 1984 Ford F150 for nearly twenty years and well over a hundred thousand miles with no problems except the cheap air brake fittings and lines that came with them. Maybe a year after I installed them, I replaced the lines and fittings and hoses with barb...
  11. Wyowanderer

    Torque Wrenches- Massive price spectrum, what do I actually need?

    If you're not up to calibrating it yourself, get cozy with your local engine remanufacturing facility, Stewart & Stevenson, or Caterpillar. All three will have someone on site who can do it, often for free if you'll spend the time to get to know the person who does it. I have an antique Snap On...
  12. Wyowanderer

    My new to me Bronco expo ride

    And be a lot quieter. But I get your desire to stuff a Cummins in it.
  13. Wyowanderer

    Smooth leather desert boots - recommendations?

    I had a pair of these for a little over a year now, and I'm delighted. Looking through the reviews, I nearly didn't buy them for all the whining about the footbed (added a Spenco insole) weight, and the European style tongue. Other than needing to...
  14. Wyowanderer

    Water cans

    I've cleaned plastic cans of all sorts with soap and water for years, followed by a little lemon juice, let it sit for a couple hours, and then a good rinse.
  15. Wyowanderer

    Modified Pickup Toolbox

    I bought a Knaack box that fit inside the bed sides for years. It was very handy for camping-I could fit my gear and mattress in it and it kept everything dry and dust free. I sold it many years ago when I started buying slide in campers.
  16. Wyowanderer

    Kitchen Kit/Chuck Box

    Very. Nicely. Done. My hat is off you.
  17. Wyowanderer

    Engel vs ARB fridge pros and cons

    I've had an Engel 43q for nearly a year with no issues. I don't miss having an accurate thermometer as I bought a high quality temp gauge locally. Engel's lid hinge lock, slide lock, slide lock feet and MPAN posi lock socket are all made of cheap feeling plastic: my hinge lock came in the...
  18. Wyowanderer

    Sky light question

    I'll suggest a vent specifically made for RV's so you have a chance of buying a replacement lid if it breaks. Nice additions, BTW.
  19. Wyowanderer

    The Original CRAP STRAP - No it didn't take a year......

    Your buddies must be WAY more patient than mine...:sombrero:
  20. Wyowanderer

    cool and cheap large gauge terminal crimper...

    Your use of elegant and hammer made me smile. I have one as well, but I solder everything that I install permanently now.