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  1. Wyowanderer

    Engel MPAN connector?

    I'm looking for a couple of these: Any one know of a source Stateside? I have one of these...
  2. Wyowanderer

    Primus fuel bottle problem?

    I found this online while looking around for white gas fuel storage options. It looks pretty serious, but I wouldn't throw them out with the bathwater over it.
  3. Wyowanderer

    Color coded wiring

    I'm still in the process of rewiring the camper, and I'm wondering if there is a recognized color code for primary wire. I'm going to be running wires for the furnace, lighting, refrigerator, USB charge plugs and 12V cigar plugs. I've also found some nice quality marine battery cable in 4 AWG...
  4. Wyowanderer

    Running wire to camper?

    I'm rewiring the camper to get rid of the mess that the factory invented. From the aux. battery to the camper, I'm going to run a couple 6g cables With a Mega Fuse holder close to the battery and I need to know what best practice is. I had considered using 6g wire from a set of battery...
  5. Wyowanderer

    Anderson connectors for camper electrical?

    I'm going to rewire my camper this winter and I'm wondering if you all think that an Anderson plug would be appropriate for use in connecting the camper to the truck (electrically speaking). I intend to run 6-4 gauge stranded wire from the battery to the bed, and use the plug to attach the...
  6. Wyowanderer

    Helton heater install

    I bought my Helton HE2 from Kurt back in May and used it many times on my excursion to SW Utah later in the month, and it's brilliant. I used a cheap RV water pump to power it, but wanted a more permanent install. Here's how I did it: First, I needed a fuse holder, switch, pump and pressure...
  7. Wyowanderer

    Surge protector for Engel fridge?

    I'll be ordering an Engel MT45 next week for my camper, but I'm a little spooked after reading the (admittedly few) comments about power supplies having trouble. Edit: After rereading the previous sentence, I realized that it's a bit vague. What I'm referring to is the power supply or circuit...
  8. Wyowanderer

    Kirkham's awning Does anyone here have any experience with this? I'm pretty tempted, but after reading Evldave's thread, I'm more tempted to build my own.
  9. Wyowanderer

    Ammeter and shunt questions

    I'll be installing a bigger (in amps, from about 45 to 130) alternator on my truck soon, and I have a question regarding the use of the ammeter in the truck. I intend to remove all of the present charging system and start new, with 4 gauge cables throughout. I'd like to keep the present ammeter...
  10. Wyowanderer

    WTB nice 10 liter Nato cans

    Anyone have a couple they're tired of storing? I'm close to buying new, just checking to see if anyone has some to sell.
  11. Wyowanderer

    Oil filter storage

    It just occurred to me that I could share my method of spare oil filter storage. It doesn't work for every size, but I've used one pound-ish coffee cans, well cleaned, to keep oil filters dry and dust free for years. It works perfect for Wix 51515 sized (Ford FL1A) filters, and many others.
  12. Wyowanderer

    Strange camper Found this on ebay. I can now rest easy knowing my rig isn't the ugliest one there is.
  13. Wyowanderer

    Interesting camper Not mine.
  14. Wyowanderer

    Ammo can storage dividers

    Thought I ought to post this up. I've been using a set for ten years now to store spare fuses, pipe fittings and crimp on wire connectors. The can is heavy, but unmanageable.
  15. Wyowanderer

    Insulated MWC case

    Just like it says. Never used it, it's got a few dirty spots, and it insulates well. Pics at: MWC not included. $10.00 plus shipping.
  16. Wyowanderer

    Back from SE Utah

    Got back from SE Utah late last night. Saw Monument Valley, LOTS of wall art and ruins, including the Wolfman panel, Big Bob, The Hobbs wash ruin, Snake in mouth, the Doll house, and more. Seventeen hundred miles, lots of camping, lots of great times. Lots of sunburn, too. Pics later. Frank
  17. Wyowanderer

    Propane Chest Fridge?

    Yup, I searched. Seems like I remember a propane fired chest fridge a few years ago. I've found one, but it's pretty small; I'd like one in the 50-60 quart range. Ring a bell to anyone? I haven't ruled out a 12V unit with the Danfoss compressor, but with the furnace, my CPAP machine and lights...
  18. Wyowanderer

    Slumberjack Big Lux cot

    Used two nights, two years old. Two plastic caps on the end of the xbars missing, otherwise in excellent condtion. $75.00/ interesting trade or offer.
  19. Wyowanderer

    Anotheruse for latex/nitrile gloves

    When I'm cutting up meat while camping, I use the same nitrile gloves to keep the meat off my hands that I use for wrenching on the truck. that way, I don't need to use as much water to wash my hands when I'm done. They're especially nice for shaping burger meat.
  20. Wyowanderer

    FS- Kodiak Canvas tent

    SOLD- thanks for looking